Absorbplate: the dish to eat before the costume fitting
Absorbplate: the dish to eat before the costume fitting

It is Columbus's egg, it is obviousness in person, it was enough to think about it. Yet no one had thought of it. Till now. But luckily, he thought about it there Thailand. Indeed, he had to think about it.

Being in second place among the countries of South East Asia in terms of obesity, the Ministry of Health had to intervene with an anti-flab campaign, the flagship of which, developed by the BBDO Bangkok company, is … a plate.

Yes, but a particular dish, which reduces, which absorbs calories: Absorbplate.

Thirty (!) Calories saved or subtracted from our lipid layers for each course, and 7 milliliters of dried oil. Which in the end is the same principle as Geox shoes, the shoe that breathes: that is, the plate has 500 small holes that deposit grease, fats and various condiments on the bottom of the plate itself, imprisoning them and subtracting them from the food contained. cutlery cannot get there.

Plump, obese and chubby will therefore have the satisfaction of seeing the beautiful pork ribs dripping with oil or chicken Cacciatore on their plate, but only a part of the calories will reach their stomach. The others will remain on the plate.

Along with much of the dressing. That is to say the good of our meal. That yes, now it will have become light while continuing to satisfy the sight of the diners but … the taste? Where do we put the taste, the flavor, ended up in the stomach of the greedy dish instead of ours?

But above all, will this dish be successful? Posterity will judge. On the other hand, we are in Italy, and if we invented shoes with holes and not plates with holes, there must be a reason …

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