Chile: Kinder egg banned by law (anti-obesity)
Chile: Kinder egg banned by law (anti-obesity)

Who goes, who comes. And if the dish comes from Thailand to absorb calories to fight obesity, in Chile an egg goes away. Indeed, an egg. The Kinder egg.

The egg with which many of us grew up, formed by a thin layer of chocolate that contains the (damned) surprise to assemble - to get rid of it often you need a degree in mechanical engineering and an Ikea fitter - makes the joy of small consumers who thus kill two birds with one stone: they enjoy a sweet and in addition they have a little game, with all due respect to the rhyme.

But now, in Chile it will no longer be like this: on June 27, in fact, a new anti-obesity law will come into force, considering that the country, after Mexico, is the second largest obesity rate in Latin America, and that almost 10 % of those under the age of five are considered obese and 30% of those over the age of 7 are overweight.

This law will also prohibit the sale of products containing objects that exercise "attraction" on children, that is, games and various surprises.

Basically, an anti-Kinder egg law (and anti McDonald's Happy Meal). That Chilean children will no longer have the joy of tasting.

And yes, they will still be able to eat more chocolate, even Kinder if they want (but without toys or surprises), so that they will be able to find games and puppets elsewhere (not attached to sweets, of course), however, it will not be the same thing.

The Kinder egg, in Chile as in Italy, is a classic that cannot be easily replaced, it is a unique product, well studied, loved and also relatively harmless, if you don't overdo it, as with everything.

But the Chilean children must have exaggerated. And now, rightly, they are without an egg.

But what a sad life without the little Kinder man.

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