The madness of rainbow food extends to cappuccino
The madness of rainbow food extends to cappuccino

On the rampant mania of the rainbow food we have already had our say. We frankly do not know why a person in full possession of his mental faculties should be greedy for one colorful cake or sink your teeth into a multicolor cheese.

In particular if he is 8 years old.

Yet - what you wouldn't do in order to have an extra follower on Instagram - there are those who are willing to stuff themselves with food dyes. It is viral food, beauty, that which raises sudden tides of approval and then disappears in an amen from the foodie horizon.

the problem is that this craze doesn't go away. Indeed it resists. No, no, on the contrary, it expands.

As if cookies, sandwiches, bagels and cakes weren't quite an American bartender, tal Mason Salisbury, has transferred the rainbow food craze to breakfast.

Every morning at Sambalatte, where the hipsters of Las Vegas they meet for croissants and coffee, he adds food coloring to the cappuccinos he prepares, and according to many followers (especially on Instagram, of course), he is bringing the latte art, or rather the decoration of cappuccinos and coffees, on another level.

Well, it will be like this for the hipsters of Las Vegas, it seems to us that it is only ruining a classic.

By the way, would you drink cappuccinos like these?

rainbow cappuccino
rainbow cappuccino

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