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How does the first nudist restaurant work?
How does the first nudist restaurant work?

We already told you about it, but this week it finally opened The Bunyadi (which in Hindi means natural), London's first nudist restaurant, which promises patrons to return to "purity devoid of the traps of modern life".

Particularly if they love the Paleo diet: gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free with annexes and connected, therefore wooden tables, clay dishes and courses served by candlelight.

In the restaurant that was born as a temporary project there are no clothes or cell phones, as imaginable, not even dishes cooked with electronic aids (cooking is done with fire).

The Bunyadi works like this: the diners at the entrance are led to a changing room where they leave their clothes and personal effects in exchange for a light dressing gown. It is up to them to decide, once at the table, whether to drop even the last garment and try a complete "liberation true experience".

The staff are mostly unclothed, even patrons can eat naked if they wish after using a locker room.

But how do you manage the nudist restaurant that has collected 40,000 bookings in a couple of months? The Guardian asked the creator.


The menu has been adapted to the particular outfit of the customers. Since Seb Lyall, head of the Lollipop project group, the same one who also opened ABQ, the "Breaking Bad" style bar-caravan in London, announced the opening of the nudist restaurant with ironic tweets, posts and the articles have multiplied. And everyone said the same thing: be careful not to spill the soup! So no soups or broth dishes appear on the menu.

Staff uniforms

For logistical reasons the staff has to cover any kind of… ledge. If you are seated and someone is serving you, faces and certain parts of the body are likely to find themselves aligned. It didn't happen, but one of the people who booked to eat at the Bunyadi asked for guidance in an email. An appreciated request, it is also through the exchange with customers that the formats evolve.

Problems with the law

Despite the concerns for the moment there have been no problems, what happens in the room seems to be perfectly legal. Nudity is not an offense when there is no intention to disturb or cause shock, according to English law, even more so if exhibited in a private space.


There are understandable security reasons that prevent staff from being naked in the kitchen. Which in itself is not a problem, managers and customers don't care. It is more difficult to cook food without using anything to do with gas or various appliances. The restaurant even produces flour at home. But obviously this is not the aspect that interests people or the media, everyone talks about the nudist restaurant.

The research of the staff

Recruiting experienced candidates who can easily accept to work naked was not a problem, requests were not lacking, quite the contrary. During the selection process the candidate is not required to undress to get an advance of what the customers will see, it is against every ethical rule of the restaurant. Nobody should feel judged for their body.

Hygiene and safety

There seems to be no particular safety or hygiene measures to take compared to a traditional restaurant. The first patrons often asked if it was hygienic to be naked in the same place where other people were sitting, in reality everyone sits on a pillow that is changed when he leaves the room.

Convince customers

The managers are convinced that * people eat naked even at home. The effort, the new and different thing is to get them to do it in public. But even this, in the end, is not a problem. The bookings collected so far by The Bunyadi are 40,000, to fulfill them all the more than temporary restaurant should become permanent.

* Is there anyone among you who eats naked at home?

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