The dog outside the supermarket while shopping is a social plague
The dog outside the supermarket while shopping is a social plague

Grant me the premise: my dog, of course, is the most beautiful in the world, a bit like the story of roachers and mothers. Here, we start from this untouchable dogma.

And it goes on to say that one of the social plagues from the third world is that of having to leave the dog outside the supermarket while shopping.

Yet, perhaps prey to the Italian ban fever, the ASL of Turin yesterday issued a provision to ban pets from entering supermarkets. A change that also exceeds the amendment of Article 23 of the regulation on the protection of animals, a rule according to which entry to pets is guaranteed in shops as well as in restaurants, even in museums.

Despite this, how many of you have listened to embarrassed cashiers declaiming vetoes inspired by climbing on glass? Not to mention the other customers who turn up their noses or the managers when the dog enters the restaurant.

The "dog in the ward" mission becomes even more complicated, practically impossible, in the summer. Then I believe that we are talking about the crisis again. How can you stop even for a moment to get the wine if a dog is in the car? In the face of those who say that a furry four-legged is less demanding than a child.

Then the kilometric relays start to bring the dog home and then go back to shopping, defeated by the Nazi impositions of supermarkets, which normally to really ban the entry of dogs should give prior notice to the mayor on duty.

Or do as in Turin.

no dogs in the supermarket
no dogs in the supermarket

However, this ban is strange in an animal-friendly city which, the news of the other day, hosts the first dental office for dogs, and organizes "speed date" meetings between dogs and aspiring owners to encourage adoptions.

The probable reason for the ban in stores are the sanitary aspects, who knows what the Animal Protection Office thinks.

supermarket, dog cart
supermarket, dog cart

I hear you: and I should support my shopping where Fido has walked? Supermarket trolleys will not be an example of cleaning though …

But if this is the reason why not in the supermarket and yes in the market? Why then, by adapting to European legislation of 2004, does Italy allow four-legged people to enter restaurants, as long as they remain on a leash and with a muzzle?

And if the decor is the problem, why yes in museums and in the cemetery and not in supermarkets?

Anyone who has ears to hear should understand, even if I am ready to bet that not everyone will agree.

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