WHO: Coffee is carcinogenic only when drunk hot
WHO: Coffee is carcinogenic only when drunk hot

Last October, the IARC, an agency under the control of the WHO (World Health Organization) that directs research on cancer, the same that has "condemned" processed and red meat, had focused on coffee with the same suspicion: probable carcinogen.

The definitive WHO report, which has arrived, would have cleared up any doubts just today. Incorrigible caffein addicts like us can rejoice: after the suspicions that lasted since the nineties IARC has rehabilitated espresso (and mate, the typical drink of Argentina and Uruguay) removed from the list of potentially carcinogenic foods.

According to the IARC, coffee and mate are not involved, and very hot drinks are a probable cause of cancer, regardless of their nature.

The Agency has pointed out, on the basis of over 500 international studies, that the danger of causing cancer of the esophagus concerns drinks sipped with a temperature equal to or higher than 65-70 °. The studies were conducted noting the abnormal incidence of some types of cancer in the countries where they drink very hot tea, as the China And India.

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