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Dinner in front of Italy - Belgium: 5 mistakes not to make
Dinner in front of Italy - Belgium: 5 mistakes not to make

Someone has already started watching matches over the weekend. All the others tonight at 9pm will be placed in front of the canvases to watch Italy-Belgium (or Belgium-Italy? boh), the first test of the national team in these Europeans 2016.

What's wrong with Dissapore? Well, you wanna skip there dinner, real? Except for those who eat first (with chickens, they say in my part of the country), the kick-off falls right in the middle of dinner time.

There is therefore nothing better than setting up a sofa menu, even more beautiful if with many friends.

Without inviting the usual jinxes and, of course, without making the 5 mistakes that could ruin your evening.

1. Don't decide which side to take

mortadella sandwiches
mortadella sandwiches

We are not talking about typhus. Apart from some Belgians who, perhaps, are reading this post, for the others there will be no doubts: force Italy alè alè.

Rather, you need to decide in advance if you want to stay all the time on the sofa, eyes glued to the screen, or if you can allow yourself the freedom to pop into the kitchen every now and then.

Because maybe you are not passionate and, of the evening, you love the atmosphere but, as good hosts, your concern is always the guests.

In this case, chapeau. Having people like you, who always and in any case serves steaming dishes, freshly baked pizzas, freshly drained penne. Of course, you will have prepared the sauces, condiments, diced tomato for the bruschetta and the toppings for the burgers first. But, as perfect guests, you will make sure to serve everything comme il faut, hot and fragrant.

All the others, those who up to the referee's three whistles do not even get up to go pee, must play early.

Finally, the summer day (in short, more or less) lends itself to dusting off your best pasta and rice salads, but also panzanella, chicken salads and any other cold dish in small pieces (see point 3) that comes to mind.

Or, you can prepare a tray of super-stuffed sandwiches, sandwiches and club sandwiches to accompany, American-style, with a large bag of good (good, please) chips.

Superpigri? The platters of cold cuts and cheeses always work well, accompanied with some pickled oil and vinegar and a rich basket of mixed bread. More a snack than dinner, but tonight there is more to do.

2. Call the take away


Many probably have thought about it, flooding the switchboards and kitchens of pizzerias, Chinese and Mexican restaurants.

Thus, your takeaway food runs the risk of being prepared hastily and, above all, of being late until you get to the games, literally, over. But also cold and shaken, because it was the last of the tour and before reaching your address he was taken for a walk around half the city.

Not to mention that, perhaps, the bellboy rings the bell in a key moment of the match and now who gets up to go and open the door?

Of course, there are deliveries that guarantee good service and bring home the dishes of the city restaurants (which, on the other hand, maybe tonight are empty and can dedicate themselves more calmly to external orders). So, if you really have to, at least carefully select your supplier and carrier.

3. Offer knife foods

finger food
finger food

It seems trivial but not everyone has yet learned that, if you are not sitting at the table, cutting steak or chicken into bite-sized pieces is not easy. Neither if you are holding the plate balanced on your lap nor if, in front of the sofa, there is the classic coffee table which is still low and makes the operation uncomfortable.

In addition to forcing the diner to watch what he is doing instead of what is happening on the pitch.

The ideal is to serve the food in a bowl (rather than a plate) to be held comfortably in one hand while with the other, armed with a fork or spoon, you absentmindedly draw the contents.

Or, of course, what you eat directly with your hands. In short, re-read point 1 and behave accordingly.

4. Serve bucatini all'amatriciana

Amatriciana Roscioli
Amatriciana Roscioli

Or spaghetti with tomato sauce. But also penne and fusilli. In short, the pasta with the sauce that splashes.

Which is already complicated to eat, sitting at the table, without getting dirty sweaters, shirts and ties. On the sofa, in addition to your clothes (including pants), linings and cushions are also at risk, with relative family tragedies if there is any phobic stain at home (it is said of those who go into crisis for every drop of spilled wine, piece of spatasciato chocolate and so on, able to stop speaking to the author of the insane gesture for days).

In general, in short, do not serve anything too salty. And if it must be a sandwich, it must be well wrapped at the base (even in an aluminum foil) so that it does not drip here and there.

5. Forgetting to chill the beer

bock beer
bock beer

What am I telling you to do? Yet, there is no more common and, in its own way, dramatic forgetfulness than forgetting to put soft drinks, white wine and beer in the fridge in time and in quantity.

If plan B can simply be going red, there are still ways to cool drinks - quite - quickly. No, I'm not suggesting you to buy a blast chiller (although…) but to experiment with a couple of tricks.

They say it works to wrap the bottles in wet newspaper and put them in the freezer for about a quarter of an hour. As well as filling the bucket with water and ice by adding a handful of salt before immersing the bottles which, for a physical reaction, cool off in the blink of an eye. I've never tried but they seem tried methods.

And if what you put in the freezer is left there to languish until it explodes because, in the wake of the excitement of the game, you forget this too … well, ask yourself serious questions about the state of your short-term memory.

And good game everyone.

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