6 false myths about Massimo Bottura debunked by Massimo Bottura
6 false myths about Massimo Bottura debunked by Massimo Bottura

For some years now Massimo Bottura takes the stage of Golose identity wrapped in a palpable aura of holiness.

In order to see and photograph the Baricco of Italian cooks, in order to note one of its absolute truths, the public of the Italian congress of author's cuisine is able to take an hour of speech in the original language of some unknown Russian chef. And without headphones for simultaneous translation.

The Franciscan dressed in white whom those not accustomed to the cult of chefs could mistake for the Pope in the midst of the crowd of the faithful, experiences the apparition at Identità Golose as the crowning glory of Botturian religion, the gastronomic thought that emerges from Osteria Francescana, the starred restaurant in Modena, and sets off to conquer the world.

When he comes down from the stage of Identità Golose, his gaze still hallucinated, very weak, completely emptied of the trance, Bottura would not want to see anyone. To anyone who asks seeing his piece of myth pass by, a selfie, an autograph, even just a blessing, he politely repeats that it is not the time, that maybe afterwards we can talk about it but please not now.

Let alone the interviews.

plate by Massimo Bottura
plate by Massimo Bottura

Bottura cooks very well but the cultural coverage guaranteed by the media still makes the difference. Not now guys, sorry, I'm exhausted.

Precisely in a situation like this, during the recent edition of Identità Golose, we were able to put Bottura in front of a camera for a ' interview.

Were we intrusive and inappropriate? Probably. But at least you will say, given the weather, it was a placid and licky interview, full of agreed questions and functional to the increase of the myth?

Here, not really. We searched among Dissapore's comments for that kind of malice that people feel the inalienable desire to write on the web to stand out from the general opinion, to flay the famous, those you want or don't want have become authorities in their field.

plate by Massimo Bottura
plate by Massimo Bottura

This kind of badness, 6 to be precise, have become i false myths about Massimo Bottura that we asked to debunk a Massimo Bottura same.

A little shocked in appearance but always charismatic leader, theologian of his own cult.

1. Massimo Bottura's cuisine is too cerebral.

Short answer: It's not true, my cooking starts from the heart.

Long answer: in the video (La Vie en Rose is also involved).

2. Tasting menu for € 350: eating at the Osteria Francescana costs too much.

Short answer: It never cost € 350.

Long answer: in the video (recently there is a 210 € Supermenu).

3. Massimo Bottura is not understood by his colleagues.

Short answer: I have just been awarded by my colleagues from the Le Soste Association.

Long answer: in the video (where the second question on the subject is missing, however, the reference to an elderly chef, aka Gualtiero Marchesi, who recently gossiped about the chef from Modena, saying that his cooks did not like the dishes of the Osteria Francescana. To a precise question Bottura replied: "Never speak without having tried it in person").

4. Massimo Bottura mimics Ferran Adrià 15 years late.

Short answer: This is beautiful

Long answer: same.

5. If we judged Massimo Bottura's dishes without being conditioned by his philosophy they would not be as delicious.

Short answer: Philosophy does not interest customers who have filled my restaurant for a few years, it interests me.

Long answer: in the video (the philosophy of good and healthy pacts is involved)

6. The classics of Italian cuisine reinterpreted by Massimo Bottura? My grandmother's originals are better.

Short answer: I had to prove that I know how to make tagliatelle al ragù better than my grandmother, and my grandmother's grandmother.

Long answer: in the video (we talk about a fundamental moment in the history of the Osteria Francescana).

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