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Being celiac is not a trend, it is and must remain a disease
Being celiac is not a trend, it is and must remain a disease

And in the end an email arrives at our editorial staff that is almost an outlet, a previous one, a request for help from a restaurateur now exhausted for the requests and obligations to which the kitchen brigade must comply when he is feared in the room.:

The fake celiac

The hypochondriac, the one who has nothing but feels all the evils of the world including celiac disease, and as if that weren't enough, he is also fashionable and trendy, therefore even more fake celiac, because today "gluten-free" is like vegan: cool, indeed, more!

So here is an excerpt from the email received by the weary restaurateur, now a prey to discouragement.

"Dear you of Disspore, why don't you do a good piece of what happens in a restaurant kitchen when you say you are celiac, for example that:

- a kitchen area is completely cleaned

- a person detaches himself and devotes himself only to preparing the celiac's food after having changed his jacket and carefully washed his hands up to the arms

- the waiter brings the celiac dish separately from the others

and that when you see the self-styled celiac scofanarsi mussels in breadcrumbs from the table mate, or cheerfully bake in the neighbor's pasta "don't worry I'm not really celiac, I prefer to eat gluten-free", given all the work you gave yourself, do they turn you around a bit?

Being celiac is not and must not become a trend, it is and must remain a disease ".

Obviously, when the customer begins a sentence with "Excuse me, I'm celiac", already at the first "c" the restaurateur is taken by an understandable upset of guts, but in the face of illness, intolerance, one does not look at anything and activate all the procedures that guarantee the sacrosanct right to enjoy a meal, God forbid.

But when the guest is definitely not celiac? When, according to your own admission, do you prefer only to dine without gluten?

That is when our only seems to have a gluten intolerance, not supported by medical analyzes or clinical reports, and the most that happened to him was to feel a slight heaviness in the stomach when he threw down three pizzas and two "pane e panelle "Choke for the esophagus tube?

The tapino does not know what work a kitchen brigade subjects to, above all in the hottest hours of the service.

He just wants to protect himself for his idea of intolerance but, above all, he wants to be different with friends, indeed, different in fashion. What's better? And what's easier thanks to the gluten intolerance assistance?

Well, fake celiac that you are nothing else, now you have no more excuses. Now you know what happens when you mention in a place that "maybe" you are intolerant to gluten.

Put a hand on your conscience, go to a good one and come back only with irrefutable exams in hand. You and your "maybe" intolerance.

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