Food delivery: Italians like home delivery
Food delivery: Italians like home delivery

According to data processed by the National Observatory in collaboration with Eurisko, Italians discover themselves as lovers of food delivery, the service for ordering lunch and dinner online at home.

The reasons would be the most disparate varied: from empty fridge, at the time that is missing to cook, or as a different experience with respect to one's eating habits.

Judging by the growth and the succession of brands also in Italy, the food delivery sector becomes a business with promising numbers and good prospects.

In terms of numbers and turnover, the primacy goes to Just Eat, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange with 70 employees in the Italian branch opened in 2011, which delivers the meals of 4500 restaurants Furthermore 400 Italian municipalities, also thanks to the acquisitions of HelloFoodItalia and PizzaBo.

Foodora, on the other hand, in just over a year has come to cover 24 cities around the world thanks to its bicycle messengers, in Italy it covers Milan and Turin. Then there are Deliveroo, Moovenda, Foodinho, Foodracers, specializing in the north-east.

The telephone remains the most popular means of ordering, with the 39% of orders placed, but the most loyal ones resort to orders via app and pc, with 4/5 orders per month and an expense of 97 euros per month.

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