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Is Rome really the Italian city where you eat worse?
Is Rome really the Italian city where you eat worse?

Rome. And the monuments here, the ancient streets there, the story of the "caput mundi" on the right, the Great Beauty on the left, yes, yes, all true.

There is no need to repeat the usual stories about Rome and its charm: we know them well, don't we? Just as, as Italians, we know that Rome is also a big business, and we are certainly not talking about the capital Mafia.

We are talking about tourists. Many, many tourists, who in addition to loitering in parks and typical alleys, eat. Rome has equipped itself accordingly. Above all in the not so noble activity of making the unfortunate tourists pay the extra cost of “Roman ecstasy and wonder” which, in practice, is reduced to a doubled account.

Unfortunately, Rome today, gastronomically speaking, is also this. Writes the press more contemptuous than Rome is the Italian city where you eat worse. Its very size, as well as the masses it attracts, has led to the multiplication of places not up to par.

The city's haute cuisine, meanwhile, does not shine for growth or creativity, also thanks to the showcase of Expo which has catalyzed interest and investments in Northern Italy towards a public considered - rightly or wrongly - more demanding and international.

But this is not enough to justify an offer where alongside the consolidated primacy of restaurants such as La Pergola of the Hotel Rome Cavalieri (Chef Heinz Beck) or Il Pagliaccio (chef Anthony Genovese), grim mediocrity or the illusory taste of the conviction that some locals coexist recent are really special.

There are exceptions, few to tell the truth, and some encouraging international investment in a metropolis unfamiliar with the rigor of large chains, see Zuma who “creates the casus”: feverish expectations, worldly opening, enthusiasm, envy and disappointment.

To make a little order, to at least try it, edition number 27 of the Rome guide by Gambero Rosso has arrived, which even dares 650 addresses in the eating section and 800 in the one reserved for shops, perhaps fearing to upset someone.

Needless to say, the Roman readers of Dissapore are invited to say how they think: the opinions of Rome 2017 sel Gambero Rosso can be found below.

rome 2017, gambero rosso
rome 2017, gambero rosso

THREE FORKS (the best restaurants)


The Pergola of the Hotel Rome Cavalieri | Rome


The Trout | Rivodutri (RI)


The Ciociare Hills | Acute (FR)


Pascucci at the Porticciolo | Fiumicino (RM)

TRE GAMBERI (the best restaurant)

Sora Maria and Arcangelo, Gambero Rosso
Sora Maria and Arcangelo, Gambero Rosso

Sora Maria and Arcangelo | Olevano Romano (RM)

THREE BOTTLES (the best wine shops)

Roscioli | Rome

Trimani | Rome

Of The Cat | Anzio (RM)

THREE BOCCALI (the best pubs)

Open Baladin | Rome

The novelty of the year

For Me - Giulio Terrinoni | Rome

Heinz Beck
Heinz Beck

Best room service

The Clown | Rome

Best room service in the hotel

Mirabelle of the Hotel Splendide Royal | Rome

Best quality / price

Bistrot 64 | Rome

Osteria Bonelli | Rome

Tordomatto | Rome

Satricvm | Latina

Le botteghe del gusto (the best shopping addresses)

Free yourself, Gambero Rosso
Free yourself, Gambero Rosso
meat, freed, red shrimp
meat, freed, red shrimp

BioSalvati | Cerreto Laziale (RM)

Bompiani | Rome

The Workshop of the Thirds | Rome

The Ice Cream | Rome

Bottega Liberati | Rome

Warehouse 23.9 | Rome

Men At Work - Social Cooperative | Rome

Coffee parchment | Rome

The Jerry Thomas Emporium | Rome

Saints Sebastian and Valentine | Rome

Everything Ghiotto | Rome

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