Amalfi dotes on ice cream: no one queues up for Paul McCartney
Amalfi dotes on ice cream: no one queues up for Paul McCartney

Anything can happen. Take one of the most enchanting coasts in the world, the Amalfi coast, including the usual summer party of VIPs, and join the fever for ice cream which strikes the Italians when the real heat arrives. You will have unexpected results.

For example, one day in late June while you are preparing to taste the longed-for cone at the Porto Salvo ice cream parlor, right at the entrance to Amalfi, immediately after the Porta della Marina, you may come across none other than Paul McCartney, disciplinedly lined up like any ordinary tourist.

He, one of the most famous men in the world, came down on purpose for a cone (also gluten-free) of the colorful Amalfi kiosk from the Rising Sun, the 133-meter yacht of his friend and record guru David Geffen.

The problem is that with the glasses on his nose, the hat pulled down on his forehead, the striped t-shirt of a cheerful retiree on vacation, no one recognizes him, not even you who know by heart, word for word, dozens of his songs.

Possible? Is it possible that the passion for ice cream can cloud the minds of Italians up to this point?

Ask who the Beatles were, one might say with Roberto Roversi and the Stadio.

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