Dog menu in the starred restaurant: tartare for € 38
Dog menu in the starred restaurant: tartare for € 38

Time for holidays, despite the fact that the taboo of pets outside restaurants has fallen, moving for those who own a dog is still not easy.

Most of the hoteliers insist on building walls against the entry of animals into their facilities, on the other hand there is more than one who is committed to finding solutions to make the offer attractive to dogs and cats as well.

They are above all the extra-luxury hotels, skilled in monetizing the attention reserved for animals well.

This year's new entry is the well-known Hotel Cipriani in Venice, which has made available a special menu for dogs in its Michelin star restaurant, Ora, led by chef Davide Bisetto.

The beef tartare at a price of 38 euros, the chicken sushi at 29 euros and the dietary menu of rice and vegetables, also for dogs, it should be specified, at 21 euros, stands out in the "dog menu".

To complete the offer, the "happy dog corner" set up in the room: bunk with laced pillow, bowl and biscuits, as well as a bow tie to show off in the restaurant.

Pet Friendly is also the Hotel Cristallo in Cortina d’Ampezzo which promises (to dogs) special paths with dog sitters, while their owners enjoy themselves in spas and restaurants.

There is no shortage of farewell gifts made of croquettes and dry shampoo.

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