The Italian ice cream parlor that sells the air of Ibiza
The Italian ice cream parlor that sells the air of Ibiza

Gianluca Pomo, 42 years old from Turin, owner of the Venice ice cream parlor from Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands, Spain, sells and distributes something more than the classic cone or cup in various souvenir shops on the island.

The "biggest smoke seller in the world", as the Spanish newspaper El Mundo called it, sells nothing less than Ibiza's Aria. In cans, which cost from 3,90 to 5,90 euros each.

Anyone who feels the magone from the end of the holiday, you can console yourself by buying Aria di Ibiza in a can.

The label specifies its content and authenticity, and it does so without too many words: "weight 0 grams, 100% pure air, gluten free, produced in Spain ".

aire de ibiza
aire de ibiza

"If anyone wants to open the can, they don't understand anything," the ice cream maker told the Spanish newspaper.

Moreover, the label is also provided with regular instructions for use:

Close your eyes and breathe deeply, imagine a blue like the color of our sea, remember the sensational light of Ibiza, do not forget our sun, give space to emotions, do not abandon your dreams and live with optimism.

If you are not one of the lucky vacationers who can get their hands on the cans of "Aire de Ibiza" these days, don't worry too much about the fate of the bizarre but ingenious Italian: sales are so good that soon it will be possible to breathe Balearic breeze too. buying it online.

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