The paradox of the Historical Bitto that changes its name to protect itself
The paradox of the Historical Bitto that changes its name to protect itself

Bitto Storico will no longer be called that: Paolo Ciapparelli, president of the Bitto Storico Consortium, decides to change the name of the cheese, produced in the area cut by the Bitto stream, in Valtellina.

In 2000, expanding the production area, previously limited exclusively to the municipalities of Gerola Alta and Albaredo (Sondrio) was a mistake.

After the decision, which coincided with the achievement of the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) mark, the Valtellina dairies multiplied, and according to Ciapparelli "the rules have changed in favor of the 60 new arrivals who have sniffed the deal on the markets".

The 12 original producers of the Consorzio del Bitto Storico still respect the old regulations (hot processing no later than 30 minutes from milking, 80 percent cow's milk and the remaining 20 percent goat's, feeding the animals only made of grass).

Those of the Consortium Valtellina Tutela Bitto and Casera have adopted the new disciplinary of the DOP brand, which introduced animal feed and the use of artificial enzymes, in addition to the alleged disappearance of goat milk.

An uneven battle: the Bitto Storico Consortium produces and sells 1,500 wheels a year (even if prices are rising to signify the value of the cheese); the "rivals" reach 20,000.

The Battle of the Bitto Storico has the support of Slow Food, and the name change (which will however keep the wording "historic") is scheduled for the next Salone del Gusto in September.

In the hope of not risking legal trouble, in the light of recent events it is the pioneers who turn out to be outside the rules, and could even be sued for commercial fraud.

In addition to the damage, the insult.

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