The Italian city with the most pizzerias? Naples is only third
The Italian city with the most pizzerias? Naples is only third

Symbol of Made in Italy and a true national obsession, pizza is also an economic engine.

Considering the data of the organizers of Pizza Village, the Neapolitan event now in its sixth edition (which this year will take place from 6 to 11 September), in Italy there are 183 thousand pizzerias with obvious peaks in metropolitan realities.

First in the ranking for the number of pizzerias is the province of Rome, which is also the most populous, where the locals would even be 15,500, followed by Milan with 9,250. Naples is only third with 8,200 pizzerias.

Some surprises arrive considering the total number of pizzerias in relation to the number of inhabitants:

Sassari has an average of 1 pizzeria for every 147 inhabitants; Grosseto 1 out of 166, third is Savona with 1 room out of 171. In this case the big cities lose ground: Rome is 22nd (1/280), Milan 66th (1/346), Genoa is the most passionate (1/247).

Once again Naples slips down: only 1 pizzeria for every 381 residents.

The staff employed by Italian pizzerias is more than 564 thousand employees. If we also calculate the induced - from cleaning to the various supplies, it easily reaches one million.

The average employees per pizzeria is higher in the North: first place for Bolzano, with 4, 4 employees per restaurant. Equal merit for Verona, Florence and Venice with 4, 3 employees / club.

Finally, Venice itself is in first place in the ratio between population and number of employees: it counts 1 every 55, 8 inhabitants, followed by Sassari (1/57), Aosta (1/58, 1) and Rimini (1/58, 4 inhabitants).

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