The 6 reasons why Florence said no to McDonald ’ s in Piazza Duomo
The 6 reasons why Florence said no to McDonald ’ s in Piazza Duomo

Dario Nardella, mayor of Florence, he had already said: no to McDonald's in Piazza Duomo. Now the Unesco commission of Palazzo Vecchio has also pronounced itself.

Who reiterated no, presumably opening a crisis between the Municipality of the Tuscan capital and the fast food multinational that could lead, as announced by Roberto Masi, CEO of McDonald's Italy, in a legal battle.

While Repubblica showed a couple of renderings of the store that should have taken over from the Universo Sport store in Piazza Duomo, the commission disclosed the reasons for the negative decision with respect to the waiver requests received by McDonald's.

Decision made after evaluating the display windows and signs, the interiors, the typicality of the products sold or administered, the ingredients used, the contribution of innovation and originality of the project, the integration with the historical, architectural and commercial Florentine fabric and the operational management of the business.

These are the 6 reasons that led to the official rejection of the product.

1. "The main activity concerns the sale of sandwiches from the classic range of the McDonald's company accompanied by French fries (type of administration fully comparable to the definition of fast food)".

2. "The application submitted expressly indicates that frozen products will be used (hamburgers, cutlets, chicken nuggets, potatoes, fish fillets …) which, due to their type, largely represent the basis for the preparation of most of the products sold".

3. "Certified Italian products (PDO and PGI) are used almost exclusively in seasonal products (therefore not always present in the assortment)".

4. "From the documentation presented, the weight of the typical products indicated on the overall range of products offered for administration is not objectively evidenced".

5. "The incidence of seasonal products and the Tuscan corner is appreciable but obviously not prevalent".

6. "On the architectural project, shop windows and signs, the commission confirms the negative impression already recorded by the commission in the meetings of 9 and 14 June on the impact of the logo on the facade overlooking Piazza Duomo".

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