What is craft beer according to the new law
What is craft beer according to the new law

And in the end definition of Craft beer it was! Yesterday the Senate definitively approved and without changes with respect to the text approved a few months ago in the House the much desired definition of Craft beer.

For microbreweries and for many aficionados it will not be new, however craft beer is defined as "beer produced by small independent breweries and not subjected, during the production phase, to pasteurization and microfiltration processes".

Let's try to be more precise.

According to the new "Craft Beer" law it must be:

- produced by "small" breweries (under 200,000 hectoliters of annual production). To date, 200,000 hectoliters seem enormous given that the best-equipped microbreweries produce about 17 / 18,000 per year, but the figure must be seen in perspective, a prospect of growth obviously, from now to a few decades.

- produced by breweries that are also independent from other breweries: therefore any microbreweries that may be acquired in part or in whole by other breweries will not be able to boast the term “Craft Beer”.

The minds of many go to the recent case of Birra del Borgo.

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