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New in Florence: good and affordable fish restaurants
New in Florence: good and affordable fish restaurants

To go to bischero loose, or to behave recklessly and also be happy with it. Florentine readers who are not well informed about the recent city turmoil could thus comment on the capricious desire for fresh fish in the city of steak and lampredotto.

It would be a mistake. The scene of the fish restaurants to Florence has finally been refurbished by several new openings, almost always low price, which deserve to be reported. To the Florentines, and to those who want to circumvent the deceptions of a tourist city, always around the corner.

You will find scents of the sea and contemporary places, selected ingredients and simple cuisine, sometimes crowded places but always with an amazing quality / price ratio.

Write down your names and addresses and do not miss your recommendations if you have any interesting ones.

Fishing Lab

Via del Proconsolo 16R

Fishing lab, florence
Fishing lab, florence

From 5 May, the day of the inauguration, in the place that took the place of the well-known Alle Murate restaurant, a full house is a custom.

Seafood street food, raw food tastings, traditional dishes and cooking in a wood oven cross the Florentines' need to eat fish at affordable costs, in an informal (albeit quite hectic) environment despite the cycle of fourteenth-century frescoes that decorate the vaults.

Those who love raw fish can compose the dish according to preference thanks to a rich display of fresh fish, otherwise try the redfish nugget or the octopus stuffed with pecorino, both served with the standard fries. The mixed fry is tasty and abundant.

Affordable prices especially at lunch: the half portions allow you to taste different dishes while limiting the expense, as well as the wide selection of wines by the glass, which starts at two euros, ideal for enjoying a fish-based aperitif.

Sweet Wines and Fish

Via di Ripoli 8/10 r

sweet wine and fish
sweet wine and fish

With a change of course on 11 May, the Sweet wine bar was relaunched. Today in the most popular aperitif bars in southern Florence there is a Mediterranean-inspired fish restaurant, as defined by the owners Alioscia and Stefano.

A minimal atmosphere welcomes you just interrupted by some sea details, such as the blue Vietri tiles that decorate the tables. But the fish showcase takes center stage in the dining room: raw ham and tapas are always available, you can still choose between carpaccio, tartare, seafood or squid ink arancini, crostini with seafood sauce, shrimp croquettes and salads. of octopus and squid.

The other items of the rich menu are suspended between maritime tradition (spaghetti with fresh tuna and cherry tomatoes or garganelli with cuttlefish and artichokes) and more whimsical courses (swordfish timbale with caponatina). Few wines, divided between whites and bubbles with rotating labels, always available by the glass.

The bill for a full dinner is around 35/40 euros, you spend much less by opting for the formula with tastings of tapas from the counter - 2/8 euros each.

Amerini - fried fish & bubbles

Via Aretina 188R

Amerini, Florence
Amerini, Florence

A history of catering that begins in the Eighties with a coffee in via della Vigna Nuova, passes through the bulk wine shops to arrive in 2016 at a restaurant with fish at the center of the menu, together with a wide and accurate choice of wines by the glass.

In via Aretina, far from the shop windows of the historic center and the fashion clubs, Amerini welcomes you with its familiar interiors: open kitchen, wooden tables, yellow paper placemats and bubbles lined up on the shelves.

The menu is wide and generous with two dominant elements: raw fish, which chef Antonio varies every day according to the availability of the products, and traditional recipes, the absolute star of the legendary mixed fried Amerini, light and crunchy.

For an appetizer and mixed fried fish, you don't spend more than 30 euros.

Butter and Anchovies

Via dell’Orto, 35

butter and anchovies, florence
butter and anchovies, florence

The name of the new restaurant with a single-issue menu (fish, what else) opened from April 2016 Oltrarno derives from one of the typical Tuscan snacks. The glance offered by the counter at the entrance is remarkable thanks to the seafood appetizers and the raw ham corner, while in the kitchen the anchovies are the protagonists, starting with the appetizer, the inevitable bread, butter and anchovies.

Content menu with simple courses changed every day: from spaghetti with fish sauce or with anchovies and breadcrumbs to amberjack cooked on the grill or the inevitable mixed fried fish.

Among the convincing arguments of the restaurant, also in this case, there are the prices, the expense hardly exceeds 30 euros.

I live

Largo Pietro Annigoni, 9

vivo restaurant, florence
vivo restaurant, florence

Alluring promises (cit.) Of the bar just opened: Argentario fish a stone's throw from the Sant’Ambrogio market guaranteed by the Manno family, for four generations in the fishing world, owner of a fish restaurant in Capalbio.

But be patient, to order your dinner it will take longer than it should, one month after opening the service is still running in.

The environment, with its 100 seats, is noisy and not very suitable for a tête-à-tête, however moderate prices justify the philosophy of large numbers: something must be given up.

There is no objection to the freshness and variety of the fish starting from the raw fish: sea truffles, razor clams, clams, Argentario pink shrimps, more amandas, clams, buolote from French fishmongers, and for lovers the "oyster card”, All can be ordered by the piece.

Menu with simple and traditional preparations prepared following the trend of the fish market. In the end, for a complete dinner, it does not exceed 30 euros.

The fish snack

via S. Agostino 36R

fish snack, florence
fish snack, florence

The restaurant in via Sant’Agostino, small and apparently unpretentious, reserves pleasant surprises for those looking for a quick meal near Santo Spirito.

The formula is simple: you can opt for the fish on display on the counter near the entrance, which will be freshly prepared according to your preferred cooking method, or for the blackboard with the proposals of the day, decided by the chef's inspiration.

Sitting at one of the small tables (too much) you wait for the dish to be prepared, perhaps choosing a glass of wine from the few bottles available.

Very low prices: for a first and second course of fish you spend 20 euros, the cover charge is not paid.

The fish Fiaschetteria

Piazza Taddeo Gaddi, 5

fish fiaschetteria, florence
fish fiaschetteria, florence

A fishmonger, one of those belonging to the Florentine reality, with wall tiles and a fish counter, decides to change and experiment with the formula coming from the north: to feed at mealtimes.

The shop becomes "Fiaschetteria" and among lunches, aperitifs and dinners it establishes itself in Florence as a destination for fish lovers, despite the area with modest appeal. We are in piazza Gaddi, right in front of the busy Ponte alla Vittoria.

Few seats, stools and shelves instead of chairs and tables, minimal equipment. The dishes are chosen from the fish counter, the chefs in the back room prepare them on the spot. The raw fish and the catch of the day stand out

The appetizers and a couple of first courses cooked express complete the menu, even the wines - especially whites and sparkling wines served by the glass - are on display as used by the vintners of Florence. Quick and super casual service.

Expense section: fish croutons cost one euro each, the former range between 10 and 12 euro, the rest depends on the quality and quantity of the fish you order.

Saint martin

Via Chiantigiana for Strada 6 / A

san martino, florence
san martino, florence

On the Via Chiantigiana towards Impruneta for those coming from Florence, in a farmhouse surrounded by greenery where you expect charcuterie and grilled meats, you will find the San Martino restaurant, known in the city for its generous pasta dishes: 180 grams guaranteed by Spartaco, the owner, and the chef Antonella.

Fresh fish and large portions are the trademark of the house, another example is the Jack dishes: they would be for two people but they actually feed 4. Try the linguine with shellfish with crab, prawns and prawns or the Caribbean spaghetti with seafood ½ lobster.

Dinners with a tasting menu consisting of Spartaco are also possible, starting from 20 euros.

Friendly atmosphere and smiling service.

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