Let's change: it's time for a sustainable food pyramid
Let's change: it's time for a sustainable food pyramid

There food pyramid it is the graph that indicates the foods to be consumed in small quantities and, subsequently, those that can be eaten more frequently and in larger quantities.

For most Italian nutritionists, the Mediterranean food pyramid represents the basis for a healthy diet.

But from Ifmed (International Foundation of Mediterranean Diet) comes a request for an update on the sidelines of the first world conference on the Mediterranean diet that was held in recent days at Palazzo Lombardia in Milan.

The proposal speaks of a pyramid of the sustainable Mediterranean diet, a model that collects the indications of many recent studies on the environment and nutrition, also shifting attention to the benefits for the planet.

Legumes regain a primary role: sources of vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, they represent an engine for countries whose economy is mainly based on agriculture.

The weekly consumption of fish must be increased, there is too little of it in the diet in Italy and globally: in our country about 40 grams per week are consumed (compared to the recommended 60), the international average is even lower. The only virtuous example is Spain, which conquers the record for the consumption of canned fish.

As for red meat, included among the potentially carcinogenic foods by the World Health Organization, we move with caution: in the right quantities, thanks to the presence of important nutrients and bioactive components, it remains necessary especially in pregnancy and childhood., without forgetting those who practice sports.

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