Baladin 30 years: as is the new brewery of Teo Musso
Baladin 30 years: as is the new brewery of Teo Musso

Forerunner of Italian craft beer, a movement identified for years with his (pleasant) figure, 30 years after the start of Baladin, Teo Musso moves the glorious Piedmontese brewery and enlarges it.

We told you about it some time ago and now we are: tomorrow 13 July the new production site opens with 4 days of party, street food, music and of course beer.

These are the numbers of the brewery which, once completed, will delight all enthusiasts: 73,000 square meters immersed in the greenery of Piozzo (Cuneo) with picnic areas, sources of pure water, fields planted with hops and barley, the same hops and barley which will then be used in the production process (complete self-production by 2022), a 1300 farmhouse used as an educational center and cellar, as well as a zero-kilometer market on weekends.

Great attention was paid to teaching, created in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo. There will be many learning courses, some of which are carried out by the master brewers directly in the park, and visible to all thanks to a special visit path.

The works of the park will end in 2017 thanks to an online fundraiser, via crowdfunding.

Inside the brewery, on the other hand, the efficiency of the systems has been improved, which now allow greater production by optimizing times.

The barrels are 100hl each, worth seeing is the 30 hectolitre barrel made by the craftsman / artist Masao Yamamoto with 100-year-old cypress boards. The new Xiauy├╣ Kioke beer will be refined in this barrel.

Also noteworthy is the economic effort made by Teo Musso's company, which has so far invested 15 million euros in the new brewery, above all to modernize the production plant.

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