Cremolì: the palm oil substitute that everyone was waiting for?
Cremolì: the palm oil substitute that everyone was waiting for?

We have talked to you at length about the problems caused by the consumption of Palm oil, especially after the pronouncement of EFSA, the European food safety agency, according to which tropical fat is harmful to human health.

But replacing it is a problem, palm oil is widely used in the food industry for an undeniable advantage: it is part of the so-called solid fats, such as butter. That is to say that it makes foods creamy without interfering in the flavors, allowing to eliminate the old and very harmful process of hydrogenation of fats.

But now things could change thanks to one startup of Perugia, MidaPiù, which has patented an innovative product based on olive oil capable of convincing many companies that the time for a healthy change has arrived.

The product, a vegetable fat in the form of a spreadable cream to be used instead of palm oil but also butter or margarine, is called Cremolì, is based on extra-virgin olive oil (olive oil in the other version available), cocoa butter, water and sunflower lecithin.

It does not contain hydrogenated fats, preservatives or allergens.


Vegetable fat has interesting nutritional values: high presence of polyphenols and vitamin E, free of animal fats and preservatives, it contains many unsaturated fats.

But it is the physical properties of Cremolì that are surprising: at room temperature (25/26 °) it is spreadable, which makes it suitable for industrial preparations, especially baked goods, thanks to an ability to whip never before seen in a fat. unsaturated.

A capacity that also allows a 20% reduction of fats in the recipe, and consequently greater digestibility than butter, palm oil or margarine.

There are currently 4 versions of the product, depending on the use to be made of it. Within a month, even private individuals will be able to buy their version of Cremolì in a 600 gram jar.

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