A sandwich at the airport costs as much as an hour of work for an employee
A sandwich at the airport costs as much as an hour of work for an employee

For some time now we eat better in the Italian stations, and we are all convinced that if the recent Autogrill - Eataly agreement were extended to another ten or so stores, things would also improve in terms of service stations on the motorway network.

Obviously, the problems are still many. Often the traveler remains a chicken to be plucked to the sound of cardboard sandwiches, scorched coffee and crazy prices.

The journalist Antonio Leggieri told his irritation in the Fatto Quotidiano for having paid 8, 60 euros a "Reale" sandwich (two pieces of focaccia with a few salad leaves, tomatoes, unlikely buffalo mozzarella) and one 75 cl. bottle of cream water to Rome Fiumicino airport.

That sandwich did not go down, so much so that he had to calm down by doing some math.

airport receipt sandwich
airport receipt sandwich

An original way of calculating the value for money of a product, and at the same time the bitter observation of today's reduced purchasing power of an employee.

“Let's take a person who makes money 1300 euros net per month, that is, more than a good half of employed Italians. If it works 22 days it means that it puts in clean pockets 60 euros per day, that means 7.4 euros per hour if we consider a working day of 8 hours.

How long does it take to cut and season a sandwich? More or less 2 minutes. Which means that two minutes of work in this case paid off almost as much an hour of work for an ordinary employee. It is useless to rage with the natural for 2, 10 euros, a bottle that the wholesaler will have cost a few tens of cents.

Of course, for those who sell those 8, 60 euros are gross, management costs, salaries, rents must be subtracted … all that remains, is profit “.

Now, even if you want to consider the management costs of a self-service at Fiumicino airport, do you find the calculation of the Daily Fact correct?

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