Because today Starbucks is a bit ’ more Milanese? There enters Princi
Because today Starbucks is a bit ’ more Milanese? There enters Princi

Starbucks is pleased to announce the opening of some Princi stores around the world. The first will be in Seattle, but others will follow. Always respecting what Rocco has been able to create “.

To speak is Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, in an interview given to Studio magazine after yesterday the news of the investments by the well-known chain of cafes in the Rocco Princi's bakeries, the Calabrian entrepreneur who imported the formula of the place to Milan where freshly baked products are consumed.

So, for the first time, bread will be made in Starbucks stores, but not in cafes with the classic white and green logo that we all know more or less, but in a store format, called Starbucks Roastery, which goes in the direction of higher quality.

“I have traveled the world but nothing for me compares to the feeling of walking into Princi's Milanese stores,” Schultz told Studio. A well-known bond that of the Starbucks CEO with Milan and with the Italian bars, from which he took the initial inspiration for his cafes.

In addition to the Roastery, the partnership with Princi will then extend, from 2017, to the Reserved Starbucks, a further evolution of the current store model. And obviously the first Italian Starbucks that will open in Milan, followed by the Verona and Venice stores.

Investments in Princi's bakeries, which according to Schultz will have to serve above all to project the image of an increasingly Italian Starbucks, indeed, more and more Milanese, have also been noted in the United States, in particular the Wall Street Journal spoke of the intention by Starbucks to intercept new customers with higher quality standards.

Regarding the Milanese debut of the American chain of coffee shops, the CEO said he did not expect anything too much connected to the traditional Starbuck store, given that the partnership agreement with Princi will also serve to give life to something new, certainly more Italian.

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