Blue Latte: Weird and tart but it's an Instagram hit
Blue Latte: Weird and tart but it's an Instagram hit

Hello, I present to you the blue milk. Indeed, the correct name would be Blue milk.

Age: very young, not even a week old.

Color: well, blue.

What devilish things go into the milk to dye it blue? Asks the Guardian, the British newspaper responsible for this faq-style presentation. Ginger, lemon, coconut milk, agave And algae powder, blue, of course.

Doesn't that convince you? You find it a risky and experimental mix of ingredients. Yet it is great. Since last Saturday, at the Matcha bar in Melbourne, Australia, a place much loved by vegans, they have sold over 200. And it's not cheap, like 6 euros a glass.

6 euros? For a glass of milk? It seems to be due to the blue algae, which cost 3 euros per gram because, it is said, they have powerful anti-oxidant properties. Those who have drunk it never get tired of it.

If you are thinking who knows what a fantastic taste it will have, do not be under too much illusions, according to the staff of the Matcha Mylkbar it remembers sour milk, the one obtained with the addition of lactic ferments. It seems to have a sour aftertaste.

A blue milk that costs a lottery, tastes terrible and, what's more, doesn't even contain a little caffeine?

Why drink it, then, how do you explain all this success? Easy, many customers order blue milk to photograph and put pictures on Instagram.

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