How bars and restaurants can make money with Pokemon Go
How bars and restaurants can make money with Pokemon Go

What happened after the arrival of Pokemon Go you know it for yourself (those who have lived under a rock know that there were 65 million video players 7 days after the game was launched). Rather, you may legitimately wonder why Pokemon is even talked about on Dissapore.

Because bars and restaurants, currently more in the world than in Italy, are organizing themselves to take advantage of the enormous popularity of the virtual monster hunt in the real world, guided by the GPS of our smartphone.

In Japan, where Pokemon Go could convince millions of players to leave the house to catch the monsters they meet on the street, the application debuted in partnership with McDonald's; the agreement foresees that the Japanese restaurants of the fast food chain become key places for catching Pokemon.

In the United States, in Orlando, Florida, the owner of Cocina 214 did not know that his restaurant was a PokèStop, that is, a place where Pokémon Go players can stock up on useful tools. He noticed it because he looked out of his club and saw dozens of people staring at him. Usually, in fact, many people gather around the various PokéStops.

Determined not to miss the opportunity, the restaurateur has created a cocktail menu at special prices for the most hardcore gamers.

Sean Benedetti, Italian-American manager of L’Inizio, told the New York Post that he has increased revenues by 75% since his pizzeria in Queens became involved in the game.

Even today, next to the entrance to the restaurant, the words "Come in, a very rare Pokémon was caught right here" stands out.

In Chicago, however, Yusho, a well-known ramen house in the city, has called a Pokémon Party complete with a special menu.

Finally, for a few days, as anticipated by John Hanke, the head of Niantic, the company that develops Pokémon Go, bars and restaurants have been able to buy 'bait modules' directly within the game, which allow them to be located as PokéStops.

They are not cheap, € 1.17 per hour, but as long as you make the most of the opportunity, the profit is guaranteed.

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