Ferrari destroyed? Massimo Bottura lends you the Maserati
Ferrari destroyed? Massimo Bottura lends you the Maserati

Wonderful Italy. Indeed, exciting. It may not have been the Grand Tour, Goethe's fantastic journey to Italy in the late 1800s, but the "experiential" travelers who today explore the Peninsula owe a lot to that memoir, including the Swiss couple who had long cherished the dream of a an Italian tour counterpointed by restaurants and gastronomic wonders.

But the dream is shattered by one wrong maneuver which has half-destroyed one Ferrari, updated and luxurious version of the post office that drove Goethe.

A rash reverse of the valet of a well-known city hotel, the one in which the couple were staying, and the car crashes into the wall of the garage in reverse.

What does Osteria Francescana have to do with the broken dreams, an appropriate expression, of the two Swiss spouses?

The first stop on their journey was the best restaurant in the world according to the influential 50 Best Restaurant ranking, but following the accident, the couple had decided to give up and go home with the best in the bag.

“Then Massimo Bottura, who saw us desperate, he found a solution. He has an immense heart, a simply touching generosity”.

The declarations of the travelers collected by the Resto del Carlino refer to the prompt intervention of the chef from Modena, who worked to ensure that the journey continued.

maserati bottura, swiss tourists
maserati bottura, swiss tourists

He phoned Ferrari asking if they could help his customers by finding great availability: they organized themselves to collect the Ferrari and repair the damage in a week.

The problem of travel remained. So Bottura picks up the phone again to call Maserati this time, asking if the couple could use the car he usually drives for ten days (he is the brand ambassador of the Modena-based car manufacturer). Permission granted, another positive response.

Having settled the couple of tourists, the chef found time to reprimand our hotels: "We must realize that if we want to receive a certain type of visitors we must make sure that everything is up to par, otherwise what do we look like?".

Sad and sorry, the hotel manager apologized: "We took charge of paying the damages and the couple had a free night. The accident happened while the employee went to collect the Ferrari from the garage. Nothing striking, no other vehicles or people were involved. It can happen".

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