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Eataly Today brings fresh food home the same day: how it works
Eataly Today brings fresh food home the same day: how it works

From shopping as a daily duty to the pleasure of doing it - if possible - as often as possible. Whether you are an admirer or a detractor of Oscar Farinetti, you have just read a believable portrait of Eataly, the chain of shops where food enthusiasts love to binge and get lost, albeit bothered by that indomitable hipsterism that makes them look around with suspicion.

And what if to buy the many good things that you can find at Eataly it was not necessary to go to Eataly?

In recent days to the Fed of Milan, the Forum of the digital economy, Farinetti presented Eataly Today, app for online sales (also) of fresh and very fresh products delivered directly to your home, same day.

The background is the reckless and somewhat swashbuckling gauntlet thrown at a giant like Amazon (remember? "We'll sell our vegetables, I won't be beaten by Amazon, which doesn't even know what food is").

Intrigued, we reached him on the phone to find out more.

1. It is not ready right away

First thing: it is not ready today, let's do it in a few weeks … let's say in September.

2. Does not use Amazon Fulfillment

Let's dispel the first rumors immediately, Eataly will not use Amazon's logistics for home delivery. Or rather, in the United States it happens this way, but in Italy Eataly will deal with it directly, disturbing the cold chain "in the most ecological way possible", Farinetti is keen to point out that, after all, on respect for the environment and on agri-food ethics has built our image (many snails of Slow Food Presidia in its shops).

3. It has little to do with the dreary online store

eataly, vegetables
eataly, vegetables

Then, do not expect anything similar to the current online shop, which only sells "grocery", basically dry. As it is possible that few people know it, it is a very small Eataly, dominated by Baladin beers and Gragnano pastas. Everything starts from the warehouse of the Monticello d’Alba (CN) store, certainly not the most well-stocked, and the comparison between the enormity of the products available in the stores and those just a click away is pitiless.

4. Same day delivery of Alice's fresh produce and gastronomy

Instead, Farinetti assured, Eataly Today will put 100% of fresh products on the web, including special breads. And if you really don't want to cook, Alice's gastronomy will be available, the starred restaurant located in the mega store in Milan.

5. The same products as the shops

eataly butcher
eataly butcher

The showcase of the products will be equal to that of the individual shops. That is: if I know that in Turin they keep the brand of goat milk-based yogurt with acacia honey that I like so much, Eataly Today will bring the blessed jar home to me.

Relieved after knowing that distribution will be territorial, which is good for the environment, we will also have a video to take the digital tour of the online store, compartment by compartment.

So don't worry, fans of the abnormal versions of Eataly, such as the Roman or Milanese one, will be able to continue to get lost comfortably between a pork bresaola and an artisanal frankfurter even from home.

6. Where do we start from

We will start from Milan then Rome, Turin, Genoa and so on, strictly in order of profitability of the shops.

7. How it works

fish shop eataly
fish shop eataly

For those who order before 12, the delivery of the products takes place the same day. But you can choose the delivery time up to a margin of half an hour. Another interesting aspect: it is possible to request a specific quantity of product, such as from the delicatessen. A point in favor of Eataly Today, Farinetti points out, compared to the similar platform of Esselunga, which sells trays already portioned.

A bit like saying, ultimately: "Make two hectograms of Puzzone di Moena and half a kilo of purple potatoes and bring them home to me at 4.30 pm".

But the convenience pays for itself, especially if taken to the extreme. “The more customers ask for precision, the more they pay” comments Farinetti. Having a single product brought home will cost 1.90 euros, the price increases based on the quantity of products we put in the digital cart and our requests related to delivery.

8. Is it to be trusted?

The first thing that arises is why Eataly, as happens in the United States, has not chosen Amazon to sell fresh and very fresh, in addition to Eataly's ready meals. In the opinion of most, it would have been all hay in the farmhouse for Farinetti.

Then we need to verify, and we will do it on time, to what extent a service like the one designed by the Piedmontese entrepreneur is actually feasible. In practice, it is a question of weaning the door-to-door distribution of fresh products, an extremely complicated step.

Given that today Eataly only sells 5% of the products it distributes online through its stores.

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