Turin, the first vegetarian city of Italy, is an abuse
Turin, the first vegetarian city of Italy, is an abuse

Before Chiara Hangers, new mayor of Turin, has earned the attention of all the sites that talk about food, Dissapore in the front row. Then of the major national newspapers. Then he unleashed hordes of opinion leaders, journalists and various humanity intervened on the issue with an interest that not even Erdogan's recent purges.

Then the (right) ire of butchers and charcuterie worried about the economic impact on their sector, they are now clamoring for the establishment of a "kidney Saturday", or rather meat (it's not a joke), to contrast with the feared "veg Sunday".

Finally, it has also earned the undying "esteem" of foreign newspapers, such as the British The Guardian, which took care not only to report the juicy news, but also paro paro, appropriately translated into English, some of the comments of which it was honored, via Twitter, the hanger.

Comments that will remain the undying honor and pride of the city of Turin as well as its rulers.

And when a newspaper among the most liberal and independent comes to give such prominence to a simple news about food and nutrition, we can no longer entrench ourselves behind the typical Italian bias, no.

When the reaction to the inclusion of a paragraph on the " promotion of the vegetarian and vegan diet in the municipal area", Understood as" fundamental act to protect the environment, health and all animals through awareness-raising interventions in the area "is so extensive and immediate, some reasoning must be done.

The first has to do not with the rights of animals, which are not discussed (although defining them all "subjects of law", "which would even prevent us from hunting a nuisance mosquito so as not to infringe its right to suck our blood", Il Foglio wrote, it seems absurd) but respecting the citizens.

Especially when there is such a delicate issue at stake as nutrition and, as a close consequence, public health. In fact, if the omnivorous diet practiced by man for millennia has not only presented no contraindications but rather, it was necessary to survive other species and adapt to a hostile environment, we have absolutely no idea what the effects would be, in the long term, of a vegetarian or even vegan diet.

Twenty years is too short to see the long-term effects of such a selective diet on a representative sample of the population, moreover for a part of the world, ours, which comes from a completely different type of food culture.

Let us also remember that, even today, the scientific world does not agree at all on the alleged greater healthiness of the vegan-vegetarian diet compared to an omnivorous diet and indeed, nutritionists who would abolish animal proteins tout-court to replace them with the magical paired legumes- carbohydrates are still in the minority than the others.

Not to mention the still countless doubts caused by the vegan diet to the health of children, who will be served at lunch, in canteens, zucchini and lentils instead of steaks and eggs, with inevitable side of debates that will shape their eating habits.

And it does not matter if the veg diet has not (yet) been imposed by the Appendino junta, but only recommended, or rather "promoted": the tools that an administration possesses to influence citizens are such as to procure no less consensus than an obligation real.

But these considerations still seem small compared to what transpires behind the "good advice", apparently harmless, of a grillina diet.

That is, the perception of the electorate, by those who govern us, as an indistinct mass to be shaped and directed at will towards their own ideologies, rather than a multiplicity of individuals with whom to share a journey.

A shapeless mass of raw material to be used to achieve one's goals, whether they are simple courgettes or real faiths.

This is the real danger hidden behind the simple "advice" signed by Cinque Stelle. An authoritarian attitude which, at the present time, we did not feel the lack of.

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