On the plane you drink draft beer: as it was possible
On the plane you drink draft beer: as it was possible

Who has never dreamed, during the long and boring plane journeys, elbow to elbow with the bulky seat neighbor, to be able to refresh the body and spirit with a blonde, bubbly, fresh draft beer, with that beautiful light foam and sparkling which is in itself a prelude to refreshment?

Well, for all these dreamers, the freshly tapped beer to sip on the plane has so far been a mirage hermetically relegated to the drawer of dreams, having in fact to be satisfied with the most modest beer in a can, which we all know to be on draft beer as anonymous slices are. to the Murazzano toma.

But soon, something new could brighten our thirsty air travel.

The Dutch company KLM, in fact, entered into an agreement with Heineken, on the occasion of the Rio Olympics, which allows on certain flights to order a refreshing draft beer.

Laudable intention, there is no doubt, but we must remember that between saying to doing there is the sea, or in this case the sky, and serving a draft beer at high altitude is not as simple as it seems, it presents indeed a series of non-negligible problems.

The first problem is called CO2. In fact, the carbon dioxide needed to tap the drink and make it rise from the column to the dispenser tap, complete with tantalizing bubbles, is not an element that can be transported by plane.

Excluding the precious anhydride, only the air pressure was used, already lower due to the height, it was therefore necessary to further compress it so as not to be in the glass, instead of a sparkling and frothy beer, an anonymous liquid and not at all inviting.

Furthermore, in the narrow spaces of an airplane, it was unthinkable to place any cooling system, with the consequence that the beer kegs will have to be loaded at the Amsterdam airport already cooled in advance; with the obvious consequence that if the craving for beer caught us not immediately after take-off but on the home straight, as would be more likely, the coveted beer could reach our taste buds anything but fresh.

Moreover, one would not even have the comfort of triumphantly clutching the classic mug or glass cup in the hands, banned on the plane for obvious safety reasons, but one would have to be content with skimpy plastic glasses which, combined with the different perception of the tastes due at high altitudes, they could alter, and not in a positive sense, the taste you are so fond of.

But were these small inconveniences enough to curb the initiative of the airline, which has done so much to improve the quality of our travels?

Fortunately not, and the singular initiative will still be successful. It will then be up to us to put aside delusions of perfection and exaggerated demands: contenting ourselves with plastic glasses and temperatures that are not always optimal, we will face air travel with the consoling thought of being able to enjoy a nice freshly tapped beer.

Just like at the bar.

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