Pier Giorgio Parini leaves the Poor Devil of Torriana
Pier Giorgio Parini leaves the Poor Devil of Torriana

After ten years of intense collaboration, experimentation, traditional recipes wisely revisited in a modern and innovative way, the experience ends between Piergiorgio Parini, chef of the restaurant Il Povero Diavolo in Torriana (Rimini), and the owners Fausto Fratti with his wife Stefania.

The young chef, included by the Wall Street Journal in 2010 among the ten most promising chefs at an international level, seems to be willing, in fact, to take a path that would lead him to the opening of his own restaurant, where he can continue the research path that in these years spent at Il Povero Diavolo have connoted him as one of the most talented experimenters of national cuisine.

His dishes, which combined impeccable technique and exuberant (sometimes even exaggerated) creativity, qualities that Parini has always accompanied with unusual passion and humility in the glittering world of star chefs, also found in the names of his dishes: simple, straightforward names, direct, which conceded nothing to pure aestheticism or the simple desire to amaze.

Memorable dishes with immediate names, such as the " tomato sauce", A preparation that behind the essentiality of the name hides a daring reinterpretation of the tomato, no longer seen as a simple side dish but deconstructed and dehydrated to then be reassembled with meat broth.

Or as the " White rice", Interpretation of the simple rice-based dish revised with the addition of tomato water or cypress water.

Or the inevitable pigeon, embellished from time to time, depending on the season, with surprising pickled cherries or unexpected poplar or resin sprouts.

Straightforward flavors, which never fail to refer to their origins, to the territory, in the form of the beloved herbs that Parini personally collects in the woods of the Romagna Apennines or that come from the nearby vegetable garden owned by his father, and which give his dishes that particular aromatic touch, a sign of sure mastery and great passion.

The same passion that the young chef has generously lavished during these ten years spent in the Torriana restaurant, and which the owner, Stefania, remembers him with words of true affection and gratitude:

We are passionate about every new challenge - writes Stefania Fratti - we persevered in expressing ideas and beliefs about cooking as research, product value, technical-intellectual contribution that the chef - especially if Giorgio's talent - introduces and adds to the creative act of cooking.

Thanks to Giorgio's tireless research we have learned that nature gives us polypodium, sweet clover, aspergillus, mizuna, which together with thousands of other plant varieties can become a discovery and emphasis on taste for the palate .

A passion and an emphasis that Parini will now take with him in any new adventure he decides to undertake, and which will guide him along the path of research, experimentation and love for his land.

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