Imagine if those who cook Italian in the world used only Italian products
Imagine if those who cook Italian in the world used only Italian products

"Da Ciro". "Oh mama". To beautiful Naples ". "O my sun". These are some examples of the recurring names that managers, in a fit of imagination, give to theirs Italian restaurants abroad. Names that smell of sun, sea, juicy Sorrento lemons, enchanting Amalfi coasts and caring old-style mothers.

Too bad they're all bogus. Untrue, false, fake.

Restaurants that have only the name on the sign in Italian, often even crippled, and where the dishes are made with ingredients from all over the planet except Italy. Well, these Italian restaurants "so to speak" amount to about the 91% of all restaurants that worldwide boast the Italian adjective, used only as a powerful reminder to attract distracted customers.

And of course the matter also applies to pizzerias: in the United States alone, about 13 kilos of pizza per capita, worth well 35 billion euros approximately, but only a fraction of this important turnover is reflected in the Italian economy.

But what would be the advantages for our economy if the restaurants and pizzerias that use the adjective "Italian" all over the world were to actually use, in their preparations, only and exclusively ingredients of safe and proven Italian origin, as logic and correctness would they like?

This is the question posed by Alfredo Accatino, a journalist for the Huffington Post, also arriving at a singular proposal that has the appearance of a provocation: it seems in fact that if in Italy, 36 billion euros that they earn from the export of agri-food, if they invested about 2spread over three years, the goal of affecting the fashions, habits and food trends of about thirty nations could be achieved; all for the benefit of our economy.

Too many the two billion estimated to carry out the powerful marketing operation for Italy, a real campaign “declined in adv, digital, live events, PR, barter, product placement, showcoocking and so on”?

According to the journalist, not even that many: the total two billion needed to protect the Italian supply chain and educate international consumers (which could produce a measurable return, in consumption, perception, incoming tourism) would be less than what was spent on the realization of 36 kilometers of highway of AV (61 million to km).

While with the equivalent of 75 centimeters of motorway we could make the word "Parmigiano" appear on Google for 100 million times and finally with 8 meters of High Speed we could start debates and clog the talk shows of all the States with endless images. of mozzarella and local pecorino cheeses.

Of course, these data, although (we assume) formally correct, are intended to be a provocation to focus interest on a non-secondary topic such as the promotion of Italian products in the world and on the investments necessary to implement it.

"A campaign built like this would cost a little more, but not that much, than what the foresters of the Region of Sicily and Calabria collect every year to set fire to the woods. With the fines we have had to pay up to now for the Milk Quota, we could have been in the countryside for 10 years, in the world. Need to say more?"

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