How is 108, the low cost Noma that opened in Copenhagen
How is 108, the low cost Noma that opened in Copenhagen

108 at Noma has just opened, a restaurant which was immediately labeled the low cost version of Noma, or if you prefer a casual alternative to the symbol of Nordic cuisine.

Place, always Copenhagen. Neighborhood: that of Christianshavn's canals, very fashionable, owned by chef Kristian Baumann, by the two managers Thomas Østergaard Bagge and Jacob Møller, all on the staff of Noma, and by Renè Redzepi, of course.

In an interview with the American magazine Lucky Peach, Baumann reveals some more details about the project, and also about his relationship with the well-known Danish chef.

The interior and the general setting given to the restaurant open at number 108 of Strandgade are very reminiscent of Noma, but the atmosphere is familiar, ideal for having a quick dinner on Monday evening, or sitting and spending your time on Friday.

108 at Noma
108 at Noma

Not a B series Noma, in short, but a friendly restaurant, flexible to customer requests, suitable for families and groups of friends on a gastronomic pilgrimage. Complete with a wine bar and lounge.

The menu seems to respect the Noma style: imaginative dishes, local ingredients, meats, desserts and the inevitable wild salads.

The prices, however, are for all budgets: the courses cost from 75 to 300 Danish crowns, at the exchange rate from 10 to 24 euros. And it is not mandatory to consume a full menu, Baumann clarifies:

"You can be a group of six boys in suits and ties and order the whole menu, or a father with his son and order only two dishes".

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