Conad opens a supermarket at the oratory
Conad opens a supermarket at the oratory

Video: Conad opens a supermarket at the oratory

Video: Conad opens a supermarket at the oratory
Video: CONAD grocery store in Trastevere, Roma 2023, December

What does a large-scale distribution company like Conad with the religious orders of the Salesian and Marist friars?

A lot, because from today the two realities are less distant than they might seem: the Conad-Leclerc supermarket chain has in fact just entered into a couple of commercial agreements in Genoa with the Salesian and Marist friars for the acquisition of their spaces.

The first of these agreements, stipulated with the Salesian friars, provides that a part of the premises belonging to the ancient Order in the city of Genoa is used as a supermarket, keeping the existing football field outside, while the other provides for the acquired, in property or in rent, of the Champagnat sports center of the Marist Brothers, also in Genoa, a lay order founded in the 8th century by friar Marcellino Champagnat and oriented towards the education and instruction of less well-off young people.

The Genoese structure, currently oversized compared to the needs of the Marist brothers, will therefore be used in part by Conad, which will also maintain the existing sports center: Virgin Active, with which Conad would have entered into a partnership, would in fact manage a fitness and wellness area, leaving to Conad - which also beat the competition from Simply Market and Decathlon in the award of areas - the sector relating to the sale of food products.

The proceeds from the operations would be destined, by both religious orders, to the realization of charitable works.

In addition, Conad's plans also include "pet stores", with the "Pet Store Conad" sign, spaces dedicated to pets for which Conad hypothesizes the opening of 15 new stores, with both branded products Conad and specialized brands.

In some cases, grooming, veterinary and parapharmacy services will also be provided, all for our trusted animals, for which, in the last year alone, about 544 thousand tons of food products were sold, mainly for dogs and cats.: a rapidly expanding sector that the distribution giant certainly did not miss.

Conad has an 11.9% share of the retail market, there are 2,673 shareholders, 3,055 outlets. Its growth is in contrast with the decline in consumption, and this is also thanks to old football fields and ancient Salesian and Marist oratories.