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Mid-August: let's have fun with craft beer
Mid-August: let's have fun with craft beer

Video: Mid-August: let's have fun with craft beer

Video: Mid-August: let's have fun with craft beer
Video: Green Bench brewery tour: true mixed culture brewing | The Craft Beer Channel 2023, December

Are you packing your bags? Already back? Won't you leave home and are you gnawing at it while scrolling through photos of no avail in enchanting places of those you insist on calling friends? I would like to tell you that I have the solution to everything but the holidays are over, the bags are always too small for 'you never know' and friends, well, they are the ones you deserve.

In any case we can drink on a craft beer, which seems to me a good compromise. My refrigerator these days is chock full of everything that keeps sweat glands overtime.

And since we're not talking here about giving up the j oie de vivre that pervades me while I think I'll drink another one, I thought I'd browse through my favorite styles and suggest the ferragostana twozerounosei selection.

Put them in your suitcase, get lost in the memory of the vacation that was or that you never took. Above all, don't forget to stock up in case the usual invitation to an impromptu lunch arrives.

Light or amber, dry and bitter. It kills them thirsty

via priulia brewery
via priulia brewery

Pilsner - Loertis, Via Priula Brewery

The alchemical DNA belongs to the family here (that of the San Pellegrino magnesia, present?). The guys from the Via Priula brewery have their own premises in San Pellegrino Terme. Taking a leap could be the best way to enjoy this interpretation of bohemian pilsner. Trip out of town on the Orobie? Then I also tell you where to stuff yourself with grilled cheese and polenta.

Golden Ale - Blonde, Aspis Brewery

High fermentation clear, bitter and alcohol content and a nose understood by fruity and floral references summarize the sensory theme of the Blonde produced in that of Roccadaspide (SA). I would drown her with an aubergine parmigiana, what do you think?

APA - Calibro7, Perugia Beer

We have to blame American reinterpretations of English pale ales (APA, in fact) for all this brewing fervor. It was a citrus nose and a determined bitterness that made us lose our minds. This is, in short, also the sensorial theme of the delicious version proposed by Birra Perugia.

What do we match? If there is bitterness in the glass, it is good to have salinity (and maybe umami) on the plate. Tasty, possibly spiced meats and burning grills. Do you see them too?

Session IPA - Skianto, Toccalmatto

If the older sisters (IPA and American IPA) can represent a challenge after the 3rd pint (not to sweat, not to saturate the nose and palate, to stay sober, like), their version lightened in alcohol and body is a great compromise to remind us of that aromatic and bitter world without shyness.

The Session is combined with meat (again) and the right amount of ignorance. We know that in Italy, 'there is no pleasure in being intelligent'.

Do you prefer wheat beers? Do you love saison? Something sour?

manerba weizen
manerba weizen

Weizen - Weizen, Manerba Brewery

Evergreen stainless. This lacustrine interpretation would make weizen beers love even those who don't love them. In this period I enjoy it with panzanella. Do I have to tell you more?

Berliner weisse - Berliner Weisse, Canediguerra

I suspect they sell perforated bottles, 3, 5 degrees alcohol of goodies. Ideal for a low calorie (and high acidic) aperitif. Do you have a burrata in the fridge? Remove it from there, marry it with ox hearts and season it to taste.

Gose - Salada, Lariano Brewery

There is a hint of coriander to embellish this interpretation of Gose. And then the contribution of Sicilian salt which gives it that hint of salt typical of the style it is inspired by. If the beach snack includes raw and melon (but also raw and nectarine peach is interesting), you could try the combination with this beer.

Blanche - Seta Special, Rural

Whether it is salt or, as in this case bergamot, the reference to the sunny lands of the south is strong. If I think of the umbrella lunch break, things like arancini and pane e panelle come to mind (the song of triglycerides). I'd opt for an almost harmless basil-flavored omelette sandwich, huh?

Saison - Malombra, Endorama Brewery

And that branch of Lake Como (setting of Fogazzaro's novel that our brave seems to be inspired by) could be the perfect backdrop to properly celebrate August 15th. One of the most versatile style that my jaws have swallowed, it also supports structured dishes that do not skimp on fat. A fried fish or lake and you spent the day there.

Sour Ale - BeerBrugna, Loverbeer

We talked about it recently but I couldn't help but remind you of the beers that symbolize the concept of freshness. If you love sourness, you must have a little bit of themed acid. Should we choose a gem to place at the end of the meal perhaps? How about the BeerBrugna to drink on a cheesecake with lightly pan-fried and caramelized prunes? Or a granita with mulberries and cherries in syrup? And where do we put the trifle?

Did I make you thirsty? I almost almost that sandwich with the omelette..