Who has never tried to eat a Buondì in 30 steps
Who has never tried to eat a Buondì in 30 steps

Video: Who has never tried to eat a Buondì in 30 steps

Video: Who has never tried to eat a Buondì in 30 steps
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Football and betting are words that often go together, alas, in this case, however, we are far from the bleak scenarios of match-fixing, but this does not mean that the bet is less diabolical.

This is the now mythical bet of Hello conceived by Beppe Signori, a famous footballer in the nineties and a member of the national team, during a boring football retreat of Lazio on the Modena Apennines of Lazio, which in 2000 was his team.

The bet consisted in being able to eat a whole Buondì in the time frame necessary to take thirty steps, without adding any "additive" that would represent an aid to complete the enterprise, that is to say without generous spreads of jam, various creams or any other means that could facilitate chewing, swallowing and therefore the success of the test.

Said this way it seems easy, but in the face of facts the undertaking has proved so arduous that no one has ever managed to complete it.

And this certainly not due to the demerit of the famous snack - although, like the majority of packaged snacks, with a "slightly" dry consistency and certainly not comparable to the fragrance of a soft French fresh croissant fresh from pastry - but due to objective difficulty, indeed overt impossibility of the company.

Being able to gorge on an entire industrial briochina without the help of soaking or "softening" creams in the time of thirty steps is honestly impossible: trying is believing.

And the then national Beppe was so convinced of the impossibility of the undertaking, that he even bet one million against fifty thousand of the old lire. Then concluding the battle with the same mocking phrase: "leave the fifty in the hands of Peppino".

Well, as it turns out, Beppino over the years has never had to unpick the million old cucuzze placed on the plate, while on the contrary he seems to have pocketed quite a few fifties.

And years later the old bet has not only never gone to the attic, but is still popular on Youtube, even in a more modern version, that is to say it can also be replicated with other more current snacks, such as Kinder Brioss.

And who knows if anyone has ever recognized Buondì any royalties for the bets won?