Open Baladin Fest 2016: last day in Turin
Open Baladin Fest 2016: last day in Turin

Video: Open Baladin Fest 2016: last day in Turin

Video: Open Baladin Fest 2016: last day in Turin
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'It will be the largest event of its kind ever organized in Europe.'

This is the enthusiastic intention of Teo Musso, the enterprising founder of the "Le Baladin" brewery as well as a pioneer of craft beer in Italy, and who is transforming Turin into the capital of beer up to now with an event that actually anticipates the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre to be held from 22 to 26 September right on the streets of Turin.

In fact, Piazzale Valdo Fusi hosts the Open Baladin Festival, the Festival of Live Beer (that is, the unpasteurized beer), which is animating Turin with the arrival of as many as 200 craft breweries.

“It will be an event that will make Turin the capital of craft beer - says Musso. - It is certainly not just a question of alcohol, but above all of the culture of taste”.

In fact, the interest in craft beer is increasing more and more - as evidenced by the new regulation recently approved on the subject - as well as the number of breweries that in Italy can boast the title of "craft,".

In fact, Italy is now the third largest producer of craft beer in the world, thus testifying to the growing national interest in the product.

And it is with this in mind that the brewers will take care not only of offering their product, but of "telling" it, explaining to visitors how their beer is born, what are the characteristics and their experience in this field.

Furthermore, during the days of the festival, a crowfunding campaign will be launched by Musso, to raise the necessary funds to associate the park that houses the new brewery inaugurated last July.

During the festival there are also educational workshops and various initiatives in which the processes of cultivation and selection of raw materials will be told together with everything you need to know to produce your own beer in a homemade way, becoming real "hombrewer".

In addition, in the large square, on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, two so-called “public cooked” will be held, to illustrate the process of making craft beer to everyone.

In addition, to accompany the beer tasting, six types of Italian street cuisine are planned with the presence of Trapizzino by Stefano Callegari, from Lazio; the meatballs from Polpetteria Norma, from Piedmont, as well as the legendary stuffed potatoes from Poormanger; the bombetta della valle d'Itra (a roll of pork neck stuffed with cheese), from Puglia; Tuscany, omnipresent with lampredotto and Florentine tripe; fried dumplings from Emilia Romagna and a selection of fish from the Pescheria Gallina in Turin. In addition, Open Baladin will take care of the hamburgers and fried foods, prepared according to the canons coming from the Slow Food presidents.

And to close on a sweet note, there will also be the historic Gelateria Pepino, in Turin, with three ad hoc proposals: Pinguino ice cream with Open White beer, and for the little ones ice cream with Cola Baladin and Cedrata.

Not just beer, therefore, in Turin, but three days of initiatives and good food. In the name of craft beer.