The 10 cities in the world where beer is cheaper
The 10 cities in the world where beer is cheaper

Video: The 10 cities in the world where beer is cheaper

Video: The 10 cities in the world where beer is cheaper
Video: BEER is Cheaper than Water? (PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC) 2023, December

Feeling screwed is a bad feeling.

On vacation then, with all the jumps to accumulate the nest egg, and the constant specter of the carpenter who with five euros makes you everything, and better.

When planning a holiday abroad, it is always a good habit to be informed about the price differences between local and home products. In this way we avoid unpleasant surprises and are free to explore new palatal horizons, aware of how much we are going to spend.

Traveling to another country means above all tasting the food and drinks of the place, are you not the type of Chianti in Patagonia?

To help travelers leave prepared, GoEuro, the innovative engine that can combine train, plane, bus and car in a single search, has created the Beer Price Index, a ranking that indicates the average prices of this beer. drink in 70 cities around the world.


The objective of the study conducted by the famous travel portal is to shed light on some data relating to the cost and consumption of beer in the main world cities.

According to statistics, the cheapest city for fermented drink lovers is Bratislava.

In the Slovak capital the average price of a 33 cl bottle. at the supermarket it is just 0.46 euros, while the same product purchased at the bar costs an average of 2.49 euros.

The average annual per capita consumption is around 70 liters for an expenditure of about 309 per inhabitant.

The most important data, however, is the overall average price, it is what allows Bratislava to obtain the primacy on the downside: € 1.47.

On the second step of the podium we find Kiev, which for a single euro cent has to be satisfied with a place of honor. In the Ukrainian capital, a bottle bought at the bar is cheaper (2, 34 euros), a little more expensive at the supermarket (0, 62 euros). The inhabitants of Kiev drink more beer than their Slovakian colleagues (on average 103 liters per person each year) and invest more in alcohol (457 euros).

The third place is instead Cape Town, which is confirmed as one of the destinations of choice for those who want to spend little (and drink a lot). In South African land a 33 cl bottle. it costs on average 0, 59 euros at the supermarket and 2, 73 euros at the bar, while the average annual consumption is 98 liters per inhabitant, for a total cost of 487 euros.

European cities such as Madrid (twenty-first), Paris (sixty-fourth), Berlin (twenty-fifth) and Rome (fifty-eighth) were included in the ranking. In the capital, the average price of a beer is € 4.46, hence a rather low average annual consumption (29 liters).

In Europe, the most expensive urban centers of all are Zurich and Lausanne, predictable, where a beer costs on average 5, 07 and 8, 47 euros. However, the ones where you drink the most are the Polish Krakow and Warsaw (127 liters each), and the capital Prague, which holds the record of queen of beer with an annual consumption of 144 liters per capita.