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Panettone according to Caracciolo: in Naples with Iginio Massari
Panettone according to Caracciolo: in Naples with Iginio Massari

Video: Panettone according to Caracciolo: in Naples with Iginio Massari

Video: Panettone according to Caracciolo: in Naples with Iginio Massari
Video: Things To Do With Kids In Naples - Lungomare Caracciolo 2023, December

A challenge to the last panettone is looming. The event Il Panettone Secondo Caracciolo, scheduled for next November 18 in Naples, will have a jury president of the tough ones: Iginio Massari.

The event, organized in tandem by Levitus Italia and the gastronomic blog, will be held in the prestigious Palazzo Caracciolo by Sofitel, a luxurious seventeenth-century mansion that is often the venue for sector gastronomic events and open to the public.

Why panettone and why in Naples?


The encounter is between two symbols: one is Panettone, because it has long been relegated to a mere seasonal dessert, close to an entire Peninsula in the world; the other is Naples, the Italian city that is investing most in the combination of tourism and innovation. And on haute cuisine, we add.

The elegance and refinement of a borderless dessert are enclosed and expanded at the same time in the Neapolitan belly, which has managed to gather many great names in national pastry.

How does it take place?


The artisan panettone prepared by the masters present will be subjected to two pairing tests: the first, with a local wine, the second with a wine selected by the judges.

There will also be a competition between foodbloggers (the pre-selections have already taken place) organized by the management of Palazzo Caracciolo. Five 'amateur' panettone will be admitted to the final evening, during which they will be judged by Iginio and his team.

Some jackets of famous Pastry Masters will be auctioned to finance charitable activities, and because the goodness will not only be due to the sweets.

In alphabetical order, here are the Masters who will compete with panettone and paired wines: Marco Antoniazzi, Francesco Borioli, Davide Comaschi, Salvatore De Riso, Giancarlo De Rosa, Denis Dianin, Salvatore Gabbiano, Pietro Macellaro, Pasquale Marigliano, Alfonso Pepe, Marco Rinella, Paolo Sacchetti, Vincenzo Tiri.

The jury

The jury will be varied, articulated and lively: it brings together technique, creativity, communication and innovation.


Iginio Massari (the "Master of Masters")

Achille Zoia ("Father" of the modern panettone)

Gino Fabbri (President of the Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs)

Francesco Boccia (Reigning World Pastry Champion)

Vittorio Santoro (Director of Cast Alimenti of Brescia)

Daniele Riccardi (Executive Chef of the Caracciolo Mgallery by Sofitel hotel)

Pinella Orgiana (Foodblogger)

Leopolda Annalisa Cavaleri (Journalist and food and wine critic)

How do you participate?


The event is open to the public: to access, you need to buy a ticket by connecting to this link. The purchase of the ticket gives the right to tastings of all the Panettone and wines present at the show.

There is a maximum limit of about 300 tickets.

In short, take note: November 18th, 7:30 pm.