Christmas lunch at home: those who seek, find
Christmas lunch at home: those who seek, find

Queues at the butcher's, queues at the fish shop, the eve spent spignat and the morning of Christmas wake up at dawn for the final touches on lasagna and tiramisu.

Because, let's face it, this is what for many of us means the most awaited party of the year: a tour de force made up of hours of waiting in the shops, and just as many spent behind the stove to prepare the most important lunch of the year.

Other than Christmas carols and moments of healthy relaxation to spend with the family!

For some years, however, things have been changing, thanks to the services offered by many companies of food delivery which are spreading throughout the world and also in Italy.

Following the example of companies such as Supper of London or Munchery in the United States now Christmas lunch or dinner on Christmas Eve they can arrive directly at our home already prepared, simply to be heated and enjoyed without any effort on our part.

For example, thanks to the platform Fanceat, which collects chefs and restaurateurs from Turin, will arrive directly on our tables, in its refrigerated box, a Christmas lunch prepared by the best chefs in the area only to be heated.

It will thus be possible to taste, however 57, 54 euros, the Christmas menu of the Turin chef Marcello Trentini, owner of the restaurant Magorabin, consisting of stuffed panbrioche crouton, scallops, cod cooked at low temperature and small pastries as a dessert.

Or you can opt for the cheaper menu at 24.95 euros, with veal in tuna sauce, donkey agnolotti and the Five desserts in one of Ugo Fontane, of the Tavern of Frà Fiusch.

In this case, the reservation must be made by December 23 and delivery will be made all over Italy, not only in the Turin area, within 48 hours, or within the day in large cities.

Those who are in the area of Milan will be able to receive lunches prepared by starred chefs through the catering site Kitchen Mood in two versions: sandwich, quiche, tortilla for the first version a 13 euros, or blinis, pancakes, savory cupcakes for the second a 14, 60 euro per person, complete with napkins, plates and glasses.

Orders can also be placed on 24 and 25 December.

The restaurant Cru. Dop from Romeinstead, it offers the chef's menus Nestor Grojewski differentiated between Christmas Eve menu, consisting of four courses, a 38 euros each, and of Christmas, consisting of three courses, a 29 euros. Orders to be made by 23 with collection by 19 on 24.

The menus will be based on phyllo pastry pie with ricotta, swordfish with pistachio and lime pistils, salmon tartare with toasted sunflower seeds, rocket and black truffle, lasagna with seafood sauce, breaded sea bass roll with walnuts and potatoes and roast in foil.

If, on the other hand, you want to taste some tortellini at the top, a Milan you can contact Yoji Tokuyoshi, a chef with a Michelin star who sells, to take away, the tortellini he learned the art of when he was Massimo Bottura's sous-chef, at 10 euros per one-pound portion, complete with broth. Orders to be made by 23.

Also Aimo and Nadia, two Michelin stars, propose for Milan The Market of the Place, a whole range of dishes for Christmas lunch to be finished preparing at home and to be booked and collected by the 24th.

More stuffed pasta, in particular Cappelletti, is what the restaurant proposes Daniel, but the whole can also be ordered eve lunch, to 80 euros per person.

To Arzignano, on the other hand, in the province of Vicenza, the butchery with kitchen of Giorgio and Gian Pietro Damini, starred chefs, prepare a Christmas classic: the boiled, in single-portion and take-away version: seven cuts of meat ready to be cooked in just 20 minutes, but also first, second and desserts starting from 6 euros, to be collected by 25 in the morning.

Among these, passatelli with onion ragu, bread gnocchi, and then capon, turkey and guinea fowl stuffed with apples, chestnuts, black truffles and mortadella.

The platform Foorban, always a Milan, delivers within 20 minutes throughout the city, the dishes prepared by a staff of local chefs, which include paccheri stuffed with scampi, Venetian-style creamed cod with grilled artisan polenta, roast turkey stuffed with mushrooms, black truffle and chestnuts with baked potatoes, all come on 9 to 13 euros to plate.

Finally a Milan, the Suffrage Market delivers the dishes prepared at the four sales counters dedicated to fish, bread, vegetables, cheeses and cured meats, but also a good range of vegan dishes as well as a choice of cold cuts, cheeses and leavened products.

In short, a wide choice of addresses that can help us transform the most stressful day on our calendar into what it really should be: the best party of the year.

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