Buonappetito: 8 tricks to find a food hustler
Buonappetito: 8 tricks to find a food hustler

Video: Buonappetito: 8 tricks to find a food hustler

Video: Buonappetito: 8 tricks to find a food hustler
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Come on, we are all people of the world, we know: hustlers are very popular.

After all, they do good - - a sort of Saint Vincent of the precarious communicator - and they are rather harmless: the company's narcissism is satisfied, the blogger-journalist has a supply of detergent for a year and no one gets hurt, since no one falls for it.

Who has ever read an article entitled "the miraculous virtues of Menagatti panettone" and then ran to buy it?

We are no longer in the time of Doctor Dulcamara and the Elixir of Love. And then - below - if you are stupid enough to buy "the chicken Ouch, the best there is" after reading an article entitled like this, you are the chicken.

That said, maybe there are those who want to defend themselves from hustlers, from hired articles, from hidden advertising. So here are eight quick foolproof tips to recognize them.

1) If there is no trace of even the tiniest piece of news in the piece. Example of title: “The Prosecco Villa Arzilla increasingly loved by Italians”;

2) If the tones are of rhetorical enthusiasm and often the adjective is placed before the noun: "the splendid setting", "the enterprising CEO", the "very valid product";

3) If an article is dedicated to a single company and is a company like a thousand others. Like "Here are the delicious Lime & Struzzo biscuits", when you know a hundred best;

4) When the word "excellence" is repeated in the text;

5) If you personally know the blogger-journalist and after his piece "Panna Antonella, the queen of Christmas" you notice that he has stocks of Panna Antonella that not even Carrefour;

6) If three pages later, in the newspaper, there is an advertising page of the company to which, three pages earlier, a passionate article is dedicated;

7) If the journalist-blogger is a close relative of the company. Like “The unspeakable delicacy of the Butteri tomato” signed by the journalist Pier Umbero Butteri;

8) If you have received a press release from the company and the article you are reading is a copy and paste of the aforementioned.

Having said that, I greet you because I can't resist: I have to run and bite into the exciting delicacy of the pandoro Le Tre Grazie, Italian excellence that is increasingly loved in the world.