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The ranking of the 100 best artisan ice cream parlors of 2018 is coming
The ranking of the 100 best artisan ice cream parlors of 2018 is coming

Holidays on the golden beaches. Those restoring at high altitude. Okay, let's get into the bar chat (becue) and the picnics.

But readers who really understand are waiting for summer because it is the ice cream season. Artisan ice cream parlors. Vanilla from Madagascar. Single origin chocolate. Shop assistants tattooed with branded aprons.

Baptized in 2011, evolved in 2013, before reaching the current 100 positions in 2014, the ranking of the best ice cream parlors from Dissapor it became, in 2015, 2016 and 2017 Linus' blanket to avoid tripping over misadventures that ruin a trip, as well as the best known industry guide on the web (and not).

That said, we have two things to announce to you, the first is this: the coming of the 2018 ranking squadernata in Three days:

- Wednesday July 18 with positions by number 100 to 31;

- Thursday July 19 with positions from number 30 at 11;

- Friday July 20 with positions by number 10 to 1.

Then we want to deepen with you masters-stracciatella (or super ice cream makers of Italy if you prefer) and with our readers who are faithful customers, the commandments to enter the "kingdom of ice cream", in short, the criteria to be met if you is interested in appearing in our ranking.


1. Franchising

In order to enter the Dissapore selection you are not affiliated with any franchise and you and only you are the creator of the recipes. Someone may even have given you a hand at the beginning, some tips, advice, but now in "your home" there is a real ice cream maker and the recipes are an expression of your ingenuity and your personal taste.

2. Ready bases

No, and no, you don't use ready-made ice cream bases. And you wouldn't even use them dead, otherwise that ice cream of yours we talk about so much would be able to match even my cousin employed at CNEL, with all due respect for my cousin and above all for the employees of CNEL.

As this point is important for clarity we ask you to read:

Homemade ice cream and lies

3. Transparency

You are a professional and what you put in the ice cream you have to tell me. Because you know what you are talking about, and because you have the infamous list of ingredients and you have compiled it carefully (after all, it is mandatory by law).

4. Copyright

The creepy trademarks (by others) that do so much Hollywood in the ice cream parlor will never appear on your blackboard of tastes. We leave the Violetta ice cream to Disney, as do the Winx and the Simpsons donuts. Apart from the fact that the rights cost a lot, but you would be forced to make ice cream with ready-made kits of semi-finished products: no, you have chosen something else and without hesitation.

5. Above all good

After all, to find your name as an upright artisan ice cream maker in the Dissapore ranking, one thing above all counts: your ice cream is good. But really good! This is ultimately the real important thing.

In addition to these criteria, carved on marble like tables of the law, there are good rules of conduct that would be useful to the cause to follow.

You have climbed up to the steepest peaks just to find that milk and only that. And let's not talk about the time it took you to find the chocolate, the fruit, the pistachio. Because you know that not even the best chef in the world, not even Bottura, let's say, would be able to draw blood from a turnip.

You can find classic tastes, of course, but also some unusual gems. We are talking about the most sought after "balls", the ones that fill us with pride when we order them.

The nutritional aspect really counts. Avoiding that it remains an indelible memory of your ice cream, yes, but on the stomach, is a goal you care a lot about.

Colors suitable for a splatter film or Smurf-style (infamous taste with deep blue shades symbolizing all evil)? Naaa. You only natural colors.

Lumps and pieces of ice you don't know what they are, the structure of your ice cream is almost perfect and silky, in short, it borders on divine perfection. Because your ice cream is made as God commands. Point.

All said and reiterated, Dissapore gives you an appointment on Wednesday 18 July (positions 100/31), Thursday 19 July (positions 30/11) and Friday 20 July (positions 10-1) to discover the ranking of the best 100 ice cream parlors from Dissapore 2018.

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