The real reason we are only eating imported fish
The real reason we are only eating imported fish

Fish dependance day means that for a few days - precisely from 9 July 2018 - Europe has run out of stocks of fish caught in its seas.

Until 31 December 2018, the inhabitants of the Old Continent, including Italy, will consume fish from non-EU countries.

This was declared by the WWF, which draws attention to the fact that much more fish is consumed in Europe than is available, and even the FAO, the UN food agency, warns of how about 33% of stocks fisheries are overfished due to overfishing, particularly in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Southeast Pacific.

The Fish dependance day is increasingly anticipated over the years: in 2000 it arrived around mid-August, while 30 years ago it was possible to feed on local fish until October.

A shift not attributable only to the fact that the world has never eaten so much fish before (20 kilos each year, double the consumption compared to the 1960s).

FAO has estimated that 35% of the catch is already wasted in fishing boats that, especially trawlers, throw fish that are too small or not in demand overboard, while others, without cold storage, arrive in port with fish already rotten.

The news is no better for farm produce, which is 53% of the total fish we consume, two-thirds of the $ 362 billion from total seafood sales. Farms also contribute to the impoverishment of the seas, since the catch is often nourishment for farmed fish, especially sardines and anchovies.

According to Lasse Gustavsson, European director of Oceana, aquaculture would be an unsustainable practice for the planet:

"Using 20 million tons of fish such as mackerel, sardines and anchovies to feed farmed fish instead of people is an obvious waste of food," said the executive of the agency for the recovery of the oceans. According to him, overfishing in the Mediterranean can only be fought by setting limits on the catch of fish.

According to FAO data, there are approximately 4.6 million fishing boats that sail international waters: too many if compared to fish from the seas, highlights the UN agency, with the consequence that the number of species fished in an unsustainable way has tripled in the last 40 years. FAO predicts that 20% more fish will be eaten by 2030.

Obviously, there will be enough left in the planet's seas.

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