KFC: Beyond Fried Chicken's vegan fried chicken sold out in 4 hours
KFC: Beyond Fried Chicken's vegan fried chicken sold out in 4 hours

You remember that a few days ago the fast food chain KFC had launched the vegan fried chicken? The Beyond Fried Chicken made with Beyond Meat's non-chicken chicken meat? Well, in just 4 hours it sold out. Since last Tuesday, KFC has become the first US national fast food chain to introduce Beyond Meat's plant-based chicken to American soil. The company had decided to do a limited test at its Atlanta office to see customer satisfaction.

Well: the test went so well that the Atlanta store has sold all the fake chicken which he had in less than five hours. KFC defined the affair as a Kentucky Fried Miracle and told The New York Times that the restaurant on that day sold a quantity of beyond Meat chicken wings and nuggets comparable to the weekly regular chicken sale.

People did too two hours of queue to taste chicken without ingredients of animal origin (even if it is fried in the same kitchen as normal chicken, so it shares the frying oil with real chicken). But what about the flavor? The reviews for now they are conflicting: on Insider they defined the chicken nuggets as "mediocre" and that it was felt that they were not made of chicken.

Digital Trends, on the other hand, stated that Beyond Fried Chicken had it same taste and texture as real chicken, albeit of the kind you need in the school canteens. But did the two eat the same product?

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