Hunting in Abruzzo: suspended by the TAR until 25 September
Hunting in Abruzzo: suspended by the TAR until 25 September

There hunting in Abruzzo it was suspended by the Regional Administrative Court until the September 25th. The WWF broke the news explaining why the Abruzzo hunting calendar was stopped. The President of the Administrative Court of Abruzzo has issued a precautionary decree that blocks hunting in the region until the end of September and all thanks to an appeal filed by WWF and Lega del Cane through the lawyers Michele Pezone and Herbert Simone.

The hunt for turtledove, magpie, jay and crow should have opened on 1-2 September, while on 15 September all other species should have been hunted. However, thanks to the TAR, the hunt will be completely stopped until 25 September. WWF and LNDC Animal Protection they decided to appeal after seeing the hunting calendar, harmful and detrimental to wildlife this year as well.

Filomena Ricci, delegate of WWF Abruzzo, explains that they had asked the Marsilio-Imprudente council to cancel the provisions of this calendar. For example, from 1 September the turtle dove hunting, but it is a critically endangered species. In addition, the provisions provided for the advance and extension of the hunting period for virtually all species or the cancellation of several limits relating to game bags. Furthermore, the measures put in place to protect the Marsican brown bear they weren't effective. Since the Region did not take into account the opinion of the WWF, it was decided to resort to the TAR.

In an illogical way, then, in this year's hunting calendar, choices that had been rejected in past years by the TAR had reappeared. And the WWF wonders why the Region continues to choose consultants who create these situations every year.

For his part, Piera Rosati, president of LNDC Animal Protection, explained that, through this appeal, many thousands of animals have been saved from certain death. And talk about unsustainable provisions and absurd contained in the hunting calendar.

It is undeniable that one is needed in Abruzzo reform of the Hunting Sector in order to avoid similar situations of illegality. Furthermore, it is also essential that the Police Forces carry out tight checks to prevent hunters from deciding to shoot illegally in September.

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