Amatrice: the boom in presences in the Food area restores confidence in humanity
Amatrice: the boom in presences in the Food area restores confidence in humanity

“If we have customers? Thanks to God, we are always fully booked since we reopened here, at theFood area. Two hundred covers are never enough ".

The speaker is the owner of the restaurant Rome, one of the symbols of Amateur, wiped out last August by the earthquake that transformed these places into a heap of ruins and despair.

The people of Amatrice held out and now, after just a year, they have recovered, proving that starting over is possible.

Thanks also to the funds arrived from all over Italy which allowed the Food area to be reopened, inserted in the Amatrice restaurant complex, where eight of the restaurants razed to the ground by the terrible event are located.

There are three restaurants that opened their doors on 29 July in prefabricated wooden modules, according to the project by architect Stefano Boeri, and soon, perhaps as early as next week, the remaining five will also open.

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A few meters of gourmet walk that summarize the history of Amatrice, a village that does not lack culinary virtues. The main restaurants are all there, from those that were already open in 1968 such as "La Conca" which lost two of their owners due to the earthquake, to the new generation of catering such as Daniele Bonanni and his "Ma-trù"

Then, gradually, all the others: “Da Giovannino”, “Il Castagneto”, “Mari e Monti”, “La lanterna” and the “Patrizia” bar.

And since the future of Amatrice is at stake on the presence of customers and tourists, a solidarity competition has begun from all over Italy, with customers and tourists lining up for even an hour to take a seat at the tables of the bars.

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In some cases, such as at the “Da Giovannino” restaurant, the tables are all already booked, while at the “Roma” restaurant people also flock to the second shift.

“Had the other restaurants opened, they would have worked too. But some still don't feel like it. Others will open in a few days,”says Simona, the Roma owner.

A mid-August And it is a real solidarity competition, to make those who have lost everything feel that living is still possible: “Today we have had it from all over Italy - says Roberto, from the Da Giovannino restaurant -. They come to encourage us, to be there, to be close to us. And it is the most beautiful thing, after what happened to us ".

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To be there. To make people feel their sharing, their closeness, so as not to abandon this land and these people already so hard hit.

Taking the opportunity to also enjoy an excellent dish of pasta all'amatriciana.

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