Israel: Knesset reverses government decision, restaurants open
Israel: Knesset reverses government decision, restaurants open

In Israel the Coronavirus Commission of the Knesset - despite the second wave of the pandemic - has again overturned a decision by the executive of Benyamin Netanyahu authorizing the reopening of restaurants.

According to the Government they should have lowered the shutters from 5.00 (local time) except for home deliveries and take away. The Commission, on the other hand, voted to reopen this afternoon after an attempt at mediation with the government failed.

It must be said that members of the Commission (headed by Yifat Shasha-Biton, of Likud) also voted in favor of 3 of the Likud and the united religious party Torah, both part of the majority coalition led by the premier. The restaurants can serve a maximum of 20 people indoors and 30 outdoors; the hotel halls will have to do the same.

The confused situation in Israel represents on a small scale what is happening in the world where the health emergency is often exploited on a political level. Just look at all the US controversies we have focused on several times, as well as take a look at Italy where, for example, "our" Matteo Salvini has never stopped making the pandemic a potpourri of elements between Covid-19, migrants and sterile a priori opposition to the majority.

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