Phase 3: by the autumn 4 million Italians will ask for help with food
Phase 3: by the autumn 4 million Italians will ask for help with food

The new poor in Italy will be 4 million by autumn due to the health emergency. This is what emerges from an analysis presented during the Coldiretti Assembly on the effects caused by the growing economic and employment difficulties that will bring during the step 3 very many people to ask for help for the food.

"This is the tip of the iceberg of difficult situations with 38.4% of Italians who - underlines Coldiretti - liquid resources available for no more than 3 months for essential expenses such as those for food or heating according to the ISF Bankitalia survey conducted in May which also shows that 40% of indebted individuals declare that they already have difficulties in sustaining the mortgage payments ".

The organization then adds that "among the new poor there will be those who have lost their jobs, small traders or artisans who have had to close, people employed in the underground who do not enjoy particular subsidies or public aid and have no set aside savings, as well as many temporary workers or with occasional activities. People and families who never before - explains Coldiretti - had experienced such problematic living conditions ".

Critical situations are found throughout the boot, but the greatest difficulties are in the South with 20% of needy people in Campania, 14% in Calabria and 11% in Sicily, but conditions of extreme hardship are also found in Lazio (10%) and Lombardy (9%) where the health emergency has hit the hardest.

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