Spain, 13% of bars and restaurants closed forever due to the Coronavirus
Spain, 13% of bars and restaurants closed forever due to the Coronavirus

The pandemic continues to circulate and despite the more or less homogeneous restart in some countries, the restaurant industry is struggling to raise its head. And there are also those who have not even managed to leave. In Spain 13% of bars, restaurants and hotel have indeed Closed the flying permanently due to the pandemic from Coronavirus.

In total, it is about 40 thousand exercises. Goosebumps figures, which could even almost double by the end of the year: the estimates are 65,000, equal to 20% of the total.

The alarm was raised by Hosteleria de Espana, the Spanish Federalberghi. The underlying problem is the weak presence of tourists even in the most popular destinations, and despite the fact that we are in the middle of summer and the borders have been reopened.

To give an example, in the Balearic Islands, only half of the bars and restaurants have reopened. Even the locals of the big cities - who suffer from it smart working of employees - are not in better shape: "working from home has wiped out breakfast and lunches out, especially in Madrid," explains the president of the association José Luis Izuel.

The sector could come to lose something like 900 thousand / 1, 1 million jobs. In Spain - where - tourism accounts for 12% of GDP, the government has presented a recovery plan of € 4.2 billion in loans. But the operators are calling for more "practical" measures, such as the suspension of taxes, grants and holiday bonuses.

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