Swine fever eradicated in Italy, exempt country status required
Swine fever eradicated in Italy, exempt country status required

Since the Swine fever it was eradicated in Italy (the disease has also been eradicated in Sardinia), Coldiretti asks that Italy be attributed it status of an exempt country. The request comes directly from Ettore Prandini, presidents of Coldiretti.

During the assembly of the agricultural organization in progress in Rome, in front of the Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova and the Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli (instead, the intervention of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza is expected), here is Ettore Prandini reminded everyone that the swine fever in Italy no longer exists, not even in Sardinia.

This is an important strategic result, a reason that prompted Prandini to ask for the recognition of the status of "Country free from viruses in any form of farming". It is a fundamental step to take: without it, in fact, it is forbidden to export processed pork to the Chinese market and other important markets.

Coldiretti talks about the African swine fever (ASF), a contagious disease caused by a virus of the Asfarviridae family and affecting pigs, wild boars and feral pigs. It is not a zoonosis. It should not be confused with classical swine fever, a contagious viral disease of pigs and wild boars caused by a Flavivirus. These are two very distinct pathologies.

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